Wrestlers in TNA whose themes don't fit

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Every wrestler has an entrance theme of some sort. Some themes are good and iconic (Hogan's themesongs for example) and some are down right bad.

    Let's discuss themes that don't fit right. Is there any particular wrestler on the Impact roster who's theme is just not right?

    Personally I'd say that Chavo and Hernandez theme is just not fitting for them. Then again Chavo just doesn't fit in anyway. :mad2:

  2. Is AJ still using Get Ready to Fly? If so that.

    Joey Ryan has the best theme in TNA IMO it's literally 70s porn music.
  3. This might be just me but I feel that Aries theme doesn't really fit him. When he redebuted it fitted him but he's established as a main eventer now and I feel like he should have something more bombastic.
  4. I second Aries and Mexicants.
  5. There's little to no chance that TNA could buy loose his old theme song from the independents but a return of the greatest man that ever lived would be dope.

  6. Most TNA themes aren't very good tbh. Hardly any of them stand out or anything.
  7. True. Serj is no Jim Johnston.
  8. Apparently Billy Corgan has voiced an interest in producing TNA's themes. The guy from the Smashing Pumpkins.
  9. Chavo music sucks as much as he sucks. Kenny King music also isn't much, Zema's too.

    I like though, Morgan's, Ryan's, Bad Influence's, Hogan's, Sting's, Aces & 8's, and Tara's.
  10. A8's theme is actually pretty damn cool, yeah.
  11. A&Es is perfect and I'd change Chavo's theme, it was better the "UUUUUUUH CHAAVO" song imo
  12. Just while we're discussing ones they got right.

    It's very rare you'll find a theme with such a regal feel to it, it's up there with Hollywood Rock's for that.
  13. Styles theme doesn't fit his new gimmick.
  14. Styles is the first one that pops to mind, given his current character. K²'s also feels weird.
  15. How could I forget Roode's theme? That shit is so epic on him. Perfect fit for him.
  16. Chavo's theme suits him perfectly. It was just like RVD, where the music alone made the segment feel like it's turning to shit before the performer does.
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