Wrestlers Must Carry And Pay For Their Own Health Insurance - Like Seriously?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Joseph86, May 11, 2016.

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  1. Wrestlers Must Carry And Pay For Their Wrestlers Must Carry And Pay For Their Own Health Insurance - Like Seriously?


    Guys, Is this for real ? or is this an old policy?

  2. This is real.

    WWE classifies their wrestlers as Independent contractors to avoid having to give them benefits. They consider them to be actors and thus have no legal obligation to give them benefits.
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  3. Yeah, it's real. Tough business, m8.
  4. They should.. It's their responsibility..
  5. Do you have a full time with bennys? Or are you going without/young enough to be on your parents.
  6. they don't have any sort of 401k or retirement plan neither
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  7. Actually it isn't. WWE fits almost every criteria given by the US government to have it's workers considered full-time. It's a legal obligation, but since wrestling isn't real, no one cares.
  8. I've always thought this is such bs on WWE's part
  9. It's not like the wrestlers give much of a shit anywho. Jesse Ventura has attempted to lead multiple unions for wrestlers, and most have backed out and refused to take part in.
  10. They were probably scared of VInce.
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  11. Well most of them, once they get to a certain level, can afford insurance no problem any ways. But contractors across the nation still get benefits for
    The company they're contracting for. WWE could give them benefits. They're just being cheap. Don't really need a union.
  12. I think they need a union, but that doesn't necessarily mean they should get one. It has the potential to destroy the industry.
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  13. Any competent lawyer can get these benefits out of the WWE. Because WWE fits every bill where by law the wrestlers should be employees and not independent contractors. But it comes down to being able to fund that legal battle.
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  14. Agreed. That's why I'd rather have WWE just pay for their benefits upright. But, legally, they don't have to so they don't.
  15. The top wrestlers could. But why would they do it as they make millions?
  16. They are technically obligated to by law. No one has raised the question, but it they are legally obligated according to the Employer-Employee standards.
  17. That makes no sense. Why would you need an expensive lawyer to win that easy case?
  18. Because easy cases become a lot less easy when you're going up against the sort of legal team that WWE would have. Cases don't immediately go to court. There are methods to stall cases for a long time and lawyers still will be paid for that time period. That's a legal battle, it's not always simple getting a case to court.

    Bleeding people financially with a long pretrial is not difficult when you have a legal team like WWE has. Then you need to be able to pay the lawyer through this time period and that will cost money.

    I honestly think that fear of burning the bridge with the WWE might provide some hesitation as wel.
  19. I didn't make that point, Stopspot did.

    But WWE has a legion of talented, experienced and well-funded lawyers that can easily prove the point that they really are actors, and therefore don't need benefits. Someone needs an equal amount of money or an extremely talented team of lawyers to prove it.

    They have OTUNGA. They're screwed.
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  20. And this is how WWE handles every lawsuit thrown against them by former employees, random individuals and such. They prolong the procedures as much as they can and bleed the people suing them dry. Forcing them to settle out of court in hopes of at least paying their legal fees.

    Remember folks. WWE is still run by fucking carnies.
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