Wrestlers that never reached their potential?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. The answer to that question for me is, Mohammed Hassan.
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  2. Brock Lesnar - Sure he was great but he could have become an absolute icon of the sport, his mic skills were lacking but he was the man to carry the company forward and we would have had a fresher incarnation of Cena as he would have had a legit challenge. It's a shame he never really cared about the industry, he was a natural entertainer in ring.
  3. Owen Hart, great, great talent who was criminally underrated and misused.
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  4. Even without him caring about the business, he's still accomplished a whole lot. He had the right push, the right manager (heyman) and he was just entertaining.
  5. This ones tuff i also think brock could of been an icon well i guess he is to sum lol he is a a## kicker
  6. That's what I mean he accomplished a lot but he could have been spoken of in the same breath as Hogan, Austin and Rock like Cena is now by some.
  7. Ryback still hasn't reached his potential so he should take the time he has with WWE to reach it imo.
  8. Tyson Kidd, he's 31 and imagine where he would be now if he was pushed correctly.
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  9. I understand what you're saying. It's pretty sad to see he doesn't care about the business because if he did, he would've definitely been an icon.
  10. Agree
  11. Definitely. Tyson Kidd is just an awesome athlete, a great wrestling and actually does like the business. He does deserve a lot, it's a shame that it's currently not being given.
  12. Yep, that tag team match at NWO was really boring imo until he came in but then it was almost non stop excitement.
  13. He could be a massive star. He's just entertaining, whether he's on a single's run or in a tag-team. He was great at NWO as usual.
  14. I'd give him the IC title and give him a run, see how he handles being on SD each week, he could restore the belt.
  15. IC or the US belt would be fine, he could easily restore the IC belt if he's given the right superstars to feud. Tyson Kidd feuding superstars such as Damien Sandow and The Miz would make the title mean that much more.
  16. I would love him to feud with a heel Riley, you'd have the BOSS on the mic and the BOSS in ring, it would be a great feud imo.
  17. *cughMcGillcuttycough*
  18. There's so much you could do, all the creativity and all the possibilities. :yay: It's a shame they're only dream idea's, though. :sad:
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