Wrestlers that should get a new finisher?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone have any nominations?

    R-Truth :haha:
  2. Zack Ryder, it always fails.
    CM Punk, he can't execute it convincingly so what's the point.
    The Rock, it wouldn't hurt whatsoever.
    Christian, it's the most awkward finisher.
  3. Big Show, so generic.
    Dolph Ziggler, I hate the zig zag. He should have a move that shows off so much that it buries most guys on the roster.
  4. Not so much change a finisher, but wish Jericho used the Walls more again and have it not fail.
  5. John Cena. An additude adjustment is just like a body slam, It wouldn't hurt.
  6. John Cena
    Dolph Ziggler
    Big Show
    Santino Marella
    Zack Ryder
    The Miz
  7. Seriously no mention of Barrett?!
  8. Big Show
    John Cena
    Dolph Ziggler
  9. Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, But keep the Lebell Lock as other finsher.
  10. Santino has the best finisher lol why would he change it
  11. big shows sucks
    and christians is awkward as all hell
    mark henry is very basic (but then again so is he)
    but the worst one of all is the fucking 5 knuckle shuffle
  12. Christians doesnt make sense lol it looks so easy to reverse.
  13. The People's elbow!!!!

    He should just drop Trou and use the people's dump!

  15. Please be trolling :facepalm1:

  16. it's funnny. i like it.
  17. Ziggler. Super Kick. Nufsaid
  19. the miz.. his is very anticlimate
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