Wrestlers that you love, but everyone else hates?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 4, 2015.

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  1. Quite simple, is there a wrestler on the current roster that you absolutely adore watching, but everyone else seems to hate?

    Personally: I've always been a fan of the Miz. Always have, always will.
  2. Can't think of anyone else but Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.
  3. Yeah, Miz is one of mines as well. Randy Orton has been another, but for some reason, they judge his mic skills rather than wrestling?
    Roman Reigns seems to get some hate, so him. Del Rio got loads of hate, but I thought he did well. Just his fucking feud with Sheamus pissed me off.
  4. Fandango and Justin Gabriel are two that immediately spring to mind for me, Ryback as well since he has a mixed reception.
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    Miz is good, I definitely like him, but not as much as Mizdow, though. Miz's been doing a good job at playing this 'movie star' character, that's for sure. I've liked it from the get-go.

    Del Rio was good, I used to dislike him at first, but his matches just kept getting better and better. He's also the guy, along with Orton that Reigns had one of his best matches with.

    Forgot to mention one guy who's not on the roster currently, since Del Rio was mentioned as well.

    - CM Punk. He sure gets a load of shit from the IWC, but I really don't care about his real-life persona. He was one of my favorites while he was in WWE.
  6. But, everyone loves Cena.
  7. I have a feeling he is losing his "touch" in the ring tho
  8. He lost it almost a decade ago, I think. :lol1:
  9. true he is better at his Rapping lol
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  10. Sure. :heenan:
  11. I dislike Fandango purely because of his stupid gimmick. I like Ryback and JG, they're alright.

    Speaking of mixed reception, Mizdow and Cody Rhodes/Stardust have to be on my list, though.
  12. Bryan is the chief IWC darling no idea what he has to do with this topic, Punk likewise although he did have a hipster brigade chasing his ass for a while.

    Are we using IWC majority views only ? If so it has to be Cena, his workrate is usually good and sometimes fantastic as his promo ability hes just got a limited gimmick. I'll throw another vote for Miz also his heel promos can be brilliant @Crayo post the MVP one when you're alive again <3
  13. Maybe you're right about Bryan, but he does have haters. I mean, everyone does. I guess you can't satisfy everyone.

    As far as Punk goes... Boy, oh boy. After that push in 2011 and a 434 days WWE title reign and then him leaving in early 2014, well I think he was as hated as Cena.
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  14. You have a very odd view of Punk's popularity during that time period.
  15. Punk was not hated at all. Maybe here, but throughout the rest of the Internet and the crowd? No.
    I myself am a big HHH fan.
  16. For me its Batista after 07/08 he was disliked. I watched him growing up so been a fan since the beginning of his WWE Career.
  17. Ah, Batista, good call. His heel run last year was the stuff of legend.
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  18. Maybe.

    But you can't really say he was loved by everyone, I mean he does get a ton of shit here, so...
  19. Him quitting was even more legendary.
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