Wrestlers upset with The Rock again, Payback PPV logo revealed

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    Many people backstage at RAW were talking about WWE Champion The Rock not being there. Several of The Rock's co-workers are upset at the fact that he's not going to be in attendance for 2 of the last big 4 shows going into WrestleMania 29. There was already some resentment over him being in the WrestleMania main event again but him not being there each week isn't helping things.

    Also Below is the logo for WWE's June 16th pay-per-view from Chicago, Payback:

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Logo is average looking. An why Payback? Just bring back Backlash.
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  3. The Payback logo looks generic as hell. Something they can add to a RAW logo...
  4. I think it's actually working out great, it's allowing other fueds to develop fully, and when the rock is there it's highlighted so it gets good hype. I can see why people wouldn't like it though.
  5. Paper-view = Eh. Meh.
    Rock = Disappointment.
  6. You right, but WWE having a champio that won't appear is a problem. Takes away all the prestige of The Rock's championship run.
  7. Yup, I totally understand that aspect of it.
  8. Why won't the wrestlers will be sad? They work 24/7 and 365 days of the year. The Rock returns at Raw 1000 and says he would get the title. So, he gets the title handed over to him. And which Champion doesn't wrestle on Raw and SD?
  9. Well, Rock sucks and so does the Logo.

  10. The logo sucks it looks le something from the 80's
  11. Logo looks very, very generic.
  12. Is it only me or the logo looks custom-made for Ryback?!
  13. It's ridiculous that jealousy can turn into resentment. Do what Kofi did, and approach the legend for fucking advice.
  14. But isn't jealousy perfectly natural? The Rock's a talented and hard worker, but he's had his time. Now all he's doing is encroaching on the talent and hard work of the rest of the roster. So far he's hijacked 3 Wrestlemania mainevents, and possibly a forth next year. If Hulk Hogan did the same thing in the AE, Rock and Stone Cold never would've got over the way they did. Blame WWE, but it's the Rock who signed the contract. He doesn't need the money, so why is he doing it? Vanity? Publicity? The fans? Who knows, but in the long run, he's doing more harm than good to an already weak product - which justifies a little resentment, IMO.

    And advice? What's he supposed to tell them? "The secret to success is being born with good genes and a marketable family name - do that, and you'll go far." His advice obviously did a lot for Kofi. The Rock's success is unique to the Rock and can't be replicated by anyone else. If a superstar wants advice he should go a Paul Heyman type person - someone with a broader knowledge of the business.
  15. These jabronis need to to know their role, wipe their tears and stfu. Pretty much everyone in the locker room is disposable (save a handful, if that), can't say the same about The Rock. The Rock can do whatever the fuck he wants because he is THE FUCKING ROCK, not a hard concept to understand. The dude is money. Literally (kinda hehe).
    Don't like it? Cry more, sacrifice your decent paycheck and go to Japan, Mexico or ROH.
  16. Wow, way to show how much people care about the future of the company. People work their asses of 360 days a year. Rock comes in has two matches and gets a free pass to become a champion. I call bullshit, and big time bullshit. There are many people who deserve the belt more than The Crock. Guys like Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, The Miz, Antonio Cesaro.
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  17. You're right. You are damn right. Rock doesn't even appear on every Raw. He appears at alternate Raw shows. At those guys like Drew Mcintyre, Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro, who bust their asses every day keep jobbing. The Crock had his time. Now its time to move on. Go act in movies Crock, you're time is UP. I am glad Cena will win the Title at WM. Not because I like him, its because the title will stay in the hands of a guy who wrestlers the whole year.
  18. I agree with what Crayo said. It's a bit childish how some wrestlers are reacting. I can understand why but I find it childish. They should take the Miz and Kofi route and actually approach him and welcome him in due to the increased exposure and chance for one self to make a name for themselves.
  19. Ehh it's just for Wrestlemania. He is advertising WWE when he walks out with the belt, and even if he's not there, him being champion brings more viewers then when Punk was champion, and if Kofi, Miz, Rhodes(not saying it's them complaining), or any of the backstage people if they were champions. It's only going to be for a little while, and when Rock isn't there it gives them more screen time. Even when rock is there they get more people to view them too since Rock brings in views. I can understand the irritation, having a champion who doesn't show up every week, but it's whatever. What's to be mad about? It's just hype for Wrestlemania, it's to make more money and bring more views, if people like Sandow and Rhodes interact with Rock during his promos they get pretty good rubs.
  20. Oh and that logo looks like something for a WWE.com webshow.
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