Wrestlers who could never perform as a heel.

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  1. Rey Mysterio Jr

    I know he performed as a heel in WCW but to me he couldn't really fulfill the role. He was too flashy in ring, lacked credible mic skills and due to his size was always the underdog.​

    Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat


    I can't actually recall Ricky being a heel. He was a great in ring worker one of the best no doubt. Once again he really lacked the mic skills to get people to hate him.​



    I know he turned heel to align with million dollar corporation but nobody really cared. He was a really good cartoon style babyface with his undefeated streak which ran for longer the a year.​

    The Ultimate Warrior.​


    It was everything about the Warrior which just screamed babyface. From his muscular physique to the colorful paint on his face. The energy which he exert in his entrance with the iconic guitar riff was phenomenal. I have little respect for him as a wrestler but similar to Hogan you can't help but respect the entertainment factor he brought.​
  2. I remember watching RAW a long long time ago when Tatanka was still on.. He was entertaining lol.

    The Ultimate Warrior is f'ing huge!

    Also, what about Hawk and Animal?
  3. Do you mean perform as in they couldn't display the skill needed to get them over as a heel? Or can we also input the "heels" that just couldn't be heel regardless of skill. For example, Stone Cold.
  4. I just meant guys who couldn't be a heel regardless of skill. Austin would count.
  5. Hogans last heel run vs The Rock, he was actually out-popping Rock in that feud.
  6. Orton nowadays..
    Too bad, I liked him as a heel.
    And ofcourse, Undertaker.
  7. Sting. Nobody can boo the guy.
  8. Yeah I think we're close to never being able to see heel Orton again. He's still so over without any entertaining feuds since Christian and Barrett.
  9. AJ Styles should be on the list. HIs heel runs have all been shit

    I'm sure this won't stop TNA from giving him 2-3 more heel turns in his career though
  10. ^I forgot to add him too. He's pretty much like Sting, nobody can hate or boo him. Natural babyfaces.
  11. I quite enjoyed him when he teamed with Flair actually, his mic work improved during that partnership imo. #ExpectingToBeFlamedAndPossiblySuedSoHereIsMyLawyer :emoji_hushed:tunga1:
  12. Lol Dolph, king complainer :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Don't forget Foley/Cactus Jack/Dude Love
  14. Anybody can be a heel... it's a matter of booking

    Put Rey out there w/a cig or being a Mexican sympathizer and he could get heat

    Put Austin out there waving a foreign flag and he'll get heat. Austin would refuse.... hence why it wouldn't work

    Gay gimmicks, foreigner gimmicks are heat magnets

    Steamboat, Rey and Austin would never take those gimmicks, but guys like Jericho would take a foreigner gimmick in a heartbeat
  15. He was a great heel in his early WWE run.
  16. Speaking of TNA, they turned their only real babyface draw heel at BFG 2010.
    Heel Jeff Hardy was needed for the initial Immortal angle and was a good swerve, but wow... That was a complete disaster.
  17. I guess I was the only one who enjoyed Heel Hardy? His promos were enjoyable at least.
  18. But still, a true crowd favourite after.
  19. Hardy intentionally seeks to be different. People say the real Jeff Hardy is even more strange than the man on TV

    Years from now, Jeff will be more appreciated for how innovated he actually was

    Painter and musicians are appreciated more so after their death than anytime when they were living

    Unless you're name is Raven, Jeff's heel work was different than anybody I've seen in a mainstream promotion
  20. I didn't mind heel Hardy