Wrestlers Who Got Over in Loosing Efforts

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Joseph86, Jun 16, 2016.

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  1. Guys, I've been thinking about " Wrestlers Who Got Over in Loosing Efforts ", here's my list
    1) Diesel vs Bret Hart – Survivor Series 1995; Bret Won

    2) Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels - WrestleMania XIX; Shawn Won

    3) Daniel Bryan vs John Cena – SummerSlam 2013; Triple Screwed Daniel

    4) Macho Man Randy Savage vs Ultimate Warrior; Randy lost but had an emotional reunion with Miss Elizabeth when Sherri turned on Randy

    5) Shane vs. Test, Love Her Or Leave Her Match, SummerSlam 1999

    · Shane vs. Steve Blackman, SummerSlam 2000

    · Shane vs. Kurt Angle, King Of The Ring 2001

    · Shane vs. Kane, Unforgiven 2003, Survivor Series 2003

    · Shane vs. The Undertaker, WrestleMania 32

    6) Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon; Shawn Lost

    7) Bret Hart vs British Bull Dog – Summerslam 1992 ; Bret lost

    8) Mick Foley vs Undertaker – King of the Ring 1998

    9) Austin vs Bret Hart – Wrestlemania 13
  2. Everyone is supposed to get over, in one way or the other, in a losing effort. Especially faces who usually lose to go onto brighter and bigger things like Austin in 1997, Bret in 1992 and Bryan in 2013.
  3. Kobashi is the universal number 1 for this list. Dude lost his first 63 matches, got more and more over with every single one. Masterstroke by Giant Baba since the moment Kobashi won his first match, he was a top star on the rise.

    Tyler Breeze is a good current example. He picked up more losses than wins in NXT, especially at Takeovers, but always ended up over
  4. Sting vs. Flair at the first Clash of the Champions. The match ended in the draw, but Flair made Sting look like a true contender, cementing Sting as a top wrestler for the rest of his career.

    Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle at Royal Rumble '03. Benoit lost, but received a standing ovation from the crowd. This was, I believe, the moment the bookers thought that maybe Benoit could hold the title after all.
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  5. Punk is the biggest loser of all time and he seemed to get over amongst marks.