Wrestlers who were legit scary/intimidating

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 24, 2014.

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  1. Any wrestlers out there you'd consider legitimately scary or intimidating?

    Personally my list starts around New Jack (legitimate psychopath who claims to have killed 3 people while working as a bounty hunter) and ends somewhere with Haku/Meng, who apparently is the scariest and most badass man to ever step foot in a locker room. Honerable shout outs to Vader, Hansen, Brody and the Butcher.

    Who's on your list?
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  2. ODB and Festus
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  3. Brock Lesnar is pretty intimidating.. at least until the 10 year old girl living inside of his mouth starts screaming.

    -Bull Nakano, Sycho Sid.. there's good amt I'll have to think about the rest of them!
  4. New Jack is high on the list. Didnt he try killing a dude in a match as well? Trying to push him into a turnbuckle off a load of scaffold?

    Found it skip to 3:25

  5. Good thread idea OP...

    Intimidating has a slightly different connotation in my estimation. I'd go with Lesnar in this category
    Intimidating is when you look across at someone or something and you sweat a bit because you aren't sure you can deal with it
    Talking to an amazing girl can be intimidating., but it isn't scary because your life is never at risk.

    On the other hand, scary is unpredictable. Scary isn't just staring across the room, but shanking you from behind as well.
    Scary is New Jack. He's the cat who crashes through the window of your box because he's looking for you.

    Reasonably speaking New Jack isn't intimidating because in an organized sanctioned battle a well-trained fighter might take him
    Lesnar doesn't have to be scary because he won't come at you from the side, he'll come head on
    For all intents and purposes, even a well-trained fighter would get dealt with by Lesnar, but has no intention of making you bite it

    Honorable rep to Shawn Hernandez or any other green cat who could get you Holly'd or Droz'd up on any given night
  6. Undertaker, from what I've heard/read, seems to be a legit badass. Dunno if he counts as intimidating though.
  7. Haku would eat your nose, Finlay would break your fingers and sing whilst doing it.
  8. Masked Kane from Attitude Era scared the crap outta me when I was a kid, but I loved it.
  9. I obviously wouldn't want to get into a fight with most of the wrestlers in real life (especially someone like Brock Lesnar or Scott Steiner), but I was never scared by any of their on-screen presence when I was a child. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan kind of terrified me when he was cutting a promo on Piper in WCW once, though. Um, not sure why.

    I've also heard that Haku is the one man you don't want to fuck with. Here's a link explaining some of his real-life badass stories: http://www.mandatory.com/2014/02/19/meng-stories-of-the-scariest-man-in-the-history-of-wrestling/
  10. I wouldn't throw down with a professional wrestler at all. Near enough to every last one of them is tougher than any human being really needs to be. These guys purposely throw themselves off of ladders to go through tables and they're cool with their buddies throwing them off ladders through other ladders on top of tables. Then they drop each other on thumbtacks.

    Seriously, though, don't screw with them. They all have legitimate martial arts training of some sort, too, and, in case you didn't realize, most of the wrestling holds they use can be used for real.....and they really hurt when they are.

    As far as intimidating: Lesnar, Undertaker, HHH, Angle, Benoit, Malenko. All of them have/had an aura about them that just reeked of "I can kick your ass, twist you into a pretzel, and make you wish I'd just gone ahead and broken every bone in your body, not just the 149 I actually did".

    Scary: New Jack, Snuka, Haku, Sid Vicious, Perry Saturn. All of them seemed just a little.....off. I sometimes wondered if they were actually 100% sure that it was actually a scripted wrestling match.

    Honorable Mention goes to "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, who should have probably been the most intimidating guy in WWE history, but contented himself with being a cartoon character that shouted "Hooooo!" and "USA! USA!". I mean, dude legitimately kicked cancer in the nuts and told it to pack its shit and get the fuck out. That impresses the shit out of me.

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  11. Ultimate Warrior would scare the shit outta me. If I saw him in a alley, buffed mother fucker with facepaint screaming about rocket fuel, I wouldn't even know what to do.
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  12. I don't really know if I found him scary... more gross to be honest.. but Boogeyman was an interesting character.

    Also, Mick Foley and Vader matches I found legit scary because you never knew if someone was going to leave the ring in pieces... those 2 just went at each other. They threw a lot of real blows against each other.
  13. Mordecai was pretty scary.
  14. I found Taker very scary and intimidating when I was younger.
  15. Holy crap! I forgot about Vader.

    Leon White is a legitimately scary-looking human being.

  16. spooky

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  17. Another one I didn't think about.

    Holy crap! He flies!

  18. I wouldn't say he was really scary per say, but Papa Shango had a strange mystique about him.
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