Wrestlers you appreciate as face or heel

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheShowoffChick, May 24, 2012.

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  1. Heres mine:I can appreciate Triple H,Sheamus,R-Truth and Daniel Bryan as face or heel.
  2. Ziggler :O
  3. Orton, Mr. Ziggles, Miz, Triple H, CM Punk, Wade Barrett, D-Bry. (>^?^<)

    (Y U Always Online @[Vince McMahon])
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  8. Christian
  9. D-Bry, Miz, Bryan, Christian.
  10. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, D-A List-Otunga.
  11. Your question is who work best as a Face and Heel were my list CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Kane, Undertaker, and Christian!

  12. Such a fanboy you list Bryan twice :pity: . IIRC Bryan was pretty awful as a face.

    And Miz a face? When has that happened?

    It's tough for me to name present wrestlers to fit the criteria, but Christian is definitely a good choice. Also I know I'm a Layla fanboy, but she was great as a heel with Lay-Cool and I still love her as a face. Brodus Clay was good as a heel working with ADR, and I like him as the Funkasaurs even though WWE is killing him with their booking.

    I'm reaching for those last couple, as I said in modern day WWE it's tough to come up with them. In TNA I could mention Angle & Aries. Guys who aren't active now would include Edge, The Rock (semi-active), Foley/Mankind, Eddie, Booker.. HBK too
  13. Christian and CM Punk come to mind quickly.
  14. I thought the thread was who in general I'd appreciate. Bryan I appreciated as a face mainly due to his past and making it into the WWE, though I actually was bored senseless of his face run. I was meant to list Punk but put Bryan there instead, maybe because he's the real BITW (@[Randy Savage]).

    As for Miz, again, I thought this was who I'd appreciate. I'd appreciate Miz as a face.
  15. Fuck face CM Punk

  17. CM Punk is delusional and thinks he is the best in the world similar to how you are delusional and you think you are the best poster on these forums.

    Now granted, he is a lot better wrestler than you are poster, but neither is anywhere near the truth.
  18. I agree that CM Punk's face gimmick has watered him down, stopped his momentum and made him a little bit similar to Cena, but I think he plays his role well.
  19. Christian and Triple H. Even though I don't particularly like the latter.

    Layla is also a good shout.
  20. Hollywood heel Rock > The WWE roster and their mamas. :dawg:
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