Wrestlers you have changed your mind about?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Pop Tatari, Nov 10, 2014.

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  1. Used to hate Sheamus a lot but I can appreciate his ring work, and can tolerate him now maybe because he is not so pushed towards the main event, also Randy Orton does not bother me much any more, he has always been a pretty good worker just other things about him bothered me. So what wrestlers have you changed your mind on? Positive or negative.
  2. My opinion on Randy Orton has changed several times over the past 3 years.. and another wrestler would be Cody Rhodes when he changed to Stardust I stopped enjoying his presence on the program.
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  3. CM Punk. People say he is really annoying but over the past year I've found his new gimmick refreshing.
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  4. I'm the exact opposite of Sharpy Sandow up there, in that I only started finding Cody Rhodes entertaining when he transformed into the Stardust character. I always found him a good in-ring performer before that, mind you, but he just wasn't enthralling enough as a personality for me to call myself a "fan." Of course, doing a rehash of his brother's gimmick isn't gonna cut it in the long run, but at least for now I can say that I enjoy him more than I did before. Turning he and Goldust heel was stupid, though.

    I can also tolerate Sheamus a lot better now that he's in the midcard. He just wasn't interesting enough to carry the show in main event-level feuds.
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  5. Cody's lisp will always be something that gives me a chuckle, never noticed it that much before..

    The Usos are two wrestlers that got really stale and a hatred for them started to grow on me.
  6. I hated the fuck out of David Otunga and before I knew it I became really appreciative of him. I also hated sheamus and now I can actually endure him and even appreciate his work. I'm also on the band wagon of people who hated Bo and praised him ironically only to find themselves bolieving a few months later. Also became a fan of slater after spending almost a year despising him.

    Not saying that I did not have any disappointments, though. Brodus, Tensai, Rey mysterio, Zack Ryder were all guys I had a good first impression until they started to bore me out of my socks
  7. Dean Ambrose. People hyped him up so much during The Shield and in my opinion, Reigns and Rollins were far better. I don't hate him as much now, he's growing on me.

    Edit: Far better entertainment wise
  8. I'm pretty much with CM Punk above on Dean Ambrose. I used to post on another forum where several guys were so high on Ambrose when the Shield first showed up. They were really obsessed, absolutely losing their minds when he came down the aisle in the Royal Rumble. I just really didn't see it at all.

    Ambrose began to grow on me after the Shield broke up. I didn't really know how small he was until I saw him without the Shield ring gear on. His "crazy" character than came into play. When I was in high school I was 5'7" and about 130 pounds... basically I had to act like a psychopath in order to get bigger guys to leave me alone. So I have an affinity for small psychopaths (On an off note, my lunatic gimmick in high school ironically backfired and rather than avoid me, the popular group sort of adopted me). But he plays the character well and he's definitely good in the ring so he's one of the guys in WWE I like the most right now.

    The biggest change ever was probably with Ric Flair. When Flair had his dominant run in the 80's, I was pretty young and was typical of young fans only liking faces and hating heels. I have no memory of how it changed, but it changed enough that Ric became my favorite wrestler and has remained such ever since.
  9. I experienced similar in high school. As a freshman, I wanted to do what I wanted and when I wanted.
    To make this clear, I got fresh with the girlfriend of a senior who was a three-sport star.
    She slapped me, then ran and got the entire baseball team when I was by myself.
    I told those a**holes, "If you're gonna kick my a**, then do it". They backed away and didn't even touch me.
    I continued this behavior with all the bada**es. I earned nothing but respect points for it.
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  10. I've grown to like Ambrose a lot more than before. Heath Slater also...appreciate the OMRB way more now.
  11. For me it's Dolph never used to like him when he ran with Vicky but I have changed my mind this past year, now one of my favourite superstars. Another one is Batista for the opposite reason, I now have gone off him because of his absence from WWE in 2010 and that his run from pre 2009 made me hyped for his athletic ability but he did not deliver.
  12. For me I didn't always like The Shield or The Wyatt Family. I really don't know when I started liking both teams, but I knew The Shield and Wyatt Family match was an amazing match. It was kind of something I always wanted to happen. Also as weird as it may seem, I didn't always like Dean Ambrose. I felt like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were more exciting in The Shield. Maybe I didn't give Ambrose enough credit when he was in the Shield. I've loved Ambrose's solo career.
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  13. Yeah definitely liking the Shield members more now that they have split.

    A big one for me in this category though is the Miz. I still don't like him that much or want him to win anything but this whole movie star gimmick with Sandow as the copycat stunt double is amusing as hell. I even gave props to the Usos for playing along with it the last time Miz faced one of them in singles action.
  14. Sorry I didn't get back on this sooner... it was a busy week. Yeah that's a cool story. Confidence and a mite bit of crazy behavior does wonders against bigger guys. It's like a friend of mine once said, "400 pounds is nowhere near as scary as batshit crazy."
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  15. The Big Guy
  16. As far as WWE goes, it's Christian. Hated him with passion until 2004/05. Then his TNA run came and he really grew on me there, not to mention his ECW '09 run.
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  17. Cesaro - began to really enjoy his work when he became a Real American onwards.
    Cody Rhodes - went from being one of my favourites to just another tag team guy in Stardust, because WWE booking sucks. Not his fault, Cody's gonna be a star one day.
    Ryback - hated his initial push, but being "The Big Guy" and just basically a badass dickhead, he grew on me (oh no, the pun).
  18. Del Rio. I used to dislike him so much, for whatever reason, maybe because of that thug-like persona, there's just something about it that just didn't jell well with ADR and I couldn't stand it.
    Anyways, a couple of months prior to ADR's release, I really started liking him, I mean his matches were getting better and better each week. The one he had with Reigns on SmackDown was Reigns' best so far, along with that one against Orton at SummerSlam.

    Sucks to see ADR gone. Hopefully he'll be back someday.
  19. It's human nature to appreciate any man or woman who is willing to maim their body on a night in, night out basis.
    We all appreciate our respective countries armed forces (I imagine) because they are willing to die for the cause.
    I suppose I'll be skeptical of any new talent, but once they've traveled the road and wrestled 200 nights per year and not complained, they are good in my book.

    Undertaker - Really took the bull by the horns and made the most of what he could do with his character
    Steve Austin - Played against the politics
    Mark Henry - It took some time but he eventually 'got it'.

    Those are three talents I enjoy that I initially didn't.