Wrestlers you'd like to see more/ as champ

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. Post anything you'd like.

    Ziggler - he was great as champ I'd like to see him as IC champ again.
    Ted dibiase - he's an underused wrestler but he's currently hurt, he'd fit US championship well
    Ryback - heavyweight championship, if only one day they let him get off the jobbers and onto some serious competition
  2. Ziggler as IC Champ

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  3. Ziggler and Rhodes. Fuck the rest except A-RY and Drew Mac.
  4. Rhodes was definately my favorite IC champ in a very very very long time. He represented it well.
  5. Mah boy Cody for WWE
    Ziggler for IC
    MacIntyre for WHC
    David Otunga for US
  6. Agree with top 2 disagree with bottom two I hate dmac and otunga :annoyed:
  7. I think Ziggler would be good as Champion but he needs to drop Vickie
  8. He should get with eve since there both heel and smug
  9. The IC and US Titles should just go away. But any combination of Ziggler/Rhodes/Drew as the two remaining champions?

    OH. HELL. YES.
  10. I love the IC belt.....but the US title is stupid, the US champions barley defend the belt, and there should be only one world title belt...
  11. I can understand this. With both of the brands combined, there's no point to having both world titles. I've never liked the mid-card belts, it seems like they hurt the superstars more than they help them and are just there as a crutch for the creative team but I didn't see the times when the belts felt meaningful. You may know the belts as something more than that. A lot of that may also have to do with the fact that the main event scene is so awful right now. I'd love to see Christian or Cody battle towards the top of the card instead of being trapped in the middle of it, and that IC belt feels like it's only holding them back. But if you could make the IC Belt feel like something to go for while taking a break from the ME Scene (you know, so guys like Cena aren't in every single main event), or as a way to establish a young star, it'll be fine.

    As for the belt itself, they definitely should keep the IC Belt around instead of the US, if nothing else for the name. Plus the IC Belt has gobbled up so many others.
  12. Yeah the brand split is pretty much gone...but I think Cody and Christian are really bringing meaning back to the IC belt, plus it's just a title that I like even more then the world titles for some reason even I don't know. I think Cody should now move on to world titles and Christian begins a feud with a young superstar that has yet to get a title and lose that title to him eventually and then just try to bring some meaning back to it. It does have good history, like Randy Savage's match at Wrestlemania, and even being part of the first ever ladder match. The US champions piss me off though, at least the IC champions defend their titles, but everysingle time someone becomes a US champion, it's the defense against the former champion for the title reclause, then for weeks and even a couple of months, the title is NEVER on the line. That belt should be kicked out and replaced, or have a fighting champion.
  13. Dolph Ziggler WHC
    Drew Mcintyre United States Champion
    Cody Rhodes Intercontiental/WWE Title
    Ry-back in some decent competition at least
    Wade Barrett, when he comes back from injury
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  14. I'd like to see Ziggler, Kidd, Riley, McIntyre and Ryback more, I guess.
  15. Dolph Ziggler as WHC with Ric Flair as his manager would be so awesome.
  16. DZ shouldn't have any more managers, get him in the deep end and see him swim.
  17. :dafuq:
  18. You've never heard the term throw someone in the deep end to see if they'll sink or swim?
  19. It's possibly a sheff thing, anyway it means you have to give someone a try in a new environment to see if they can cope. In this case it's Ziggler main eventing without a manager.
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