Wrestling Confessions

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. This is the place to confess to any of your wrestling related sins.

    My confessions:

    1) I am actually enjoying Ryback's heel run. I have no idea why, but he bored me as a face, as a heel he's actually interesting to me. I want to listen to what he has to say and I'm enjoying the bullying thing he's doing, picking on beaten down faced like Jericho and Bryan. Call me a mark, call me a faggot, whatever. I just can't explain it.

    2) I am kinda looking forward to Total Divas. I've been more into the divas division over the past few months. I've enjoyed the AJ/Kaitlyn storyline, they've actually had a proper feud that wasn't just one diva calling another "smelly" and then they bitch slap each other for 3 weeks until their 3 minute PPV match, like usual. Also their matches (at Payback, in particular) have actually been good, 10 minute matches. Also, one of the new divas, Jo-Jo, is honestly one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen. :fap: (Couldn't think of a less gay way of putting it).

    3) I am a wrestling figure mark. The amount of money I've spent on wrestling figures is ridiculous. I have a fucking cabinet dedicated to them. I have some boxed, some unboxed. I want to visit America so I can go to Comic-Con, just to visit the WWE figure section. i couldn't care less about the rest. I also marked out at the video on WWE's channel about the latest figure announcements.

    Post any confessions, or hate towards me, below.
  2. I still like the Miz. I love the Big Show. Hate on it. :sandow:
  3. I wouldn't say I love Miz. I loved him as a heel, how cocky he was and how he just riled up the crowd. I don't dislike him as a face, he's still cool. And yeah, Big Show's a boss.
  4. Yessss someone with similar opinions.
  5. So basically unpopular opinions?

    Mine are:

    -Absolutely love heel Del Rio. I'm really enjoying his current title reign (obviously not when he's losing), and I am excited to see who he faces at SS.
    -The Shield have been boring as fuck since winning the titles and done nothing whatsoever of any significance. Either keep them as a trio or split the group up properly, WWE.
    -I hate Curtis Axel. There is literally nothing entertaining about this guy. Sure, he's decent in-ring, but he lacks a personality and I hate him. Total waste of a 'Paul Heyman guy'.
    -I don't blow my load when the Wyatts attack some irrelevant jobber like everyone else.
    -The Prime Time Players are awesome, they should be tag-team champs.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
  6. I really would consider myself a huge mark. Well, kinda. I enjoy people that the majority of the IWC don't. I like Orton. I was happy with him winning MITB. He entertains me in the ring, I don't think his gimmick is stale and I am really enjoying his tweener gimmick as of late. Also I am a massive Hawkins mark. Same for Greg Marascuilo (Trent Barreta).
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  7. :yay:I agree with all of that.
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  8. I'm not as much of a fan as you but I enjoy him. He's a good champion and I like his wrestling style, like a mix of american pro wrestling and lucha libre. Honestly, I've been enjoying him so much more without Ricardo. I just can't take Ricardo seriously.

    Agree, and it's a real shame. I would take The Shield over the Wyatt Family personally, and I'd like The Shield to become the dominant main event force they once were. Why is it that when it's 3 on 3, they ALWAYS retreat? It just makes them look weak.


    I like the Wyatts, but I'd prefer them to have the impact The Shield did when they first appeared.

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  9. I did this a long time ago, glad to see this resurrected!

    - Daniel Bryan is "meh" on me. I love his work, but I'm not hyped up in everything he does.
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  10. I think we had a thread like this entitled "Unpopular Opinions" or something along the lines but I could be wrong.
  11. I still don't mind Fandango. Something about him makes my panties wet.
  12. I still fap whenever I see Fandango
    I would give Jinder a midcard reign.
    I have no care in the world for Randy Orton, if he's a heel then I tolerate him.
    I think Punk is slightly above decent in ring, not the best.
    I think AJ's theme song is complete shit.
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  13. Im huge on Big E Langston and think he is good in the ring and hilarious on the mic.
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    I don't hate Miz.
    I don't hate Cena and don't even think he's remotely close to being in WWE's worst.
    I don't hate Fandango.
    I don't hate Bo Dallas.
    I hate Del Rio.
    I hate Sheamus.
    I hate the Divas Division.
    I tolerate Orton.
    The Shield are getting tiring and it wouldn't kill for one of them to have another move to mark over.
    Emma > Paige
    I have a love/hate opinion of AJ. Her gimmick is good and has the potential to be great, but the way she executes it is just totally bad.
    Despite Daniel Bryan being the BITW, I worry this WWE champ push may be too early.
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  15. I hate Ryback with a passion.
    I don't give a shit about Curtis Axel.
    I'm pumped for Total Divas.
    I hate AJ Lee cause she has terribad facial expressions and her promos fucksuck.
    I don't mark for The Shield, I treat them like any other person with no storyline.
    I don't understand the hate for Randy Orton. He just wants to get his name out. "My name... is Randy Orton!"
    I'm not that much of a fan of Sandow. He's funny and has good promos, but I don't really care about him currently.
    ADR is gay on the mic.
    I don't understand why people still hate on Sin Cara.
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  16. I don't think people hate Cena on his talents, more so how he is given everything. I could be wrong though, who knows. DB is 32, maybe early in his wwe career but he is in his prime RIGHT NOW. Can't wait many more years for his run.
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  17. Biggest confession of them all (open)

    It's a wrestling confession, ain't it? :sandow:

    Seriously though:
    -The Shield really has been just hanging around the mid-card doing nothing lately ever since they got the titles and made them less relevant more than anything. Give 'em to someone who would profit from it e.g. the Usos.

    -I have really, and I mean really enjoyed WWE programming as of late. Ever since after Extreme Rules I haven't had a hard time at all watching it.

    -Extreme Rules is probably the worst WWE PPV of the year.

    -('Cause it seems to be unpopular around here): RVD is one of my all time favorites and I did mark out when I heard he was coming back. He's obviously not like he used to be, but it seems like he can pull off an alright match still.
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  18. AGree with both of these.

    Most people just hate Cena because it's been the "same old shit/lolcenawins" for what? Is it 8 years now?

    And idk. Bryan's been working his ass off since day one, all the way back to the NXT days. I don't think it's too early for him to be Champ. It's not like he just debuted and got WWE title shots right away, like say Ryhack.
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  19. Oh no, that's what I meant, lol. People blindly hate on him because he's annoying and doesn't deserve a lot of things he has/he "achieved", but don't even acknowledge how good he can be. Then again, I guess that's subjective, lol.

    And I know, I realized this. I realized it the moment he defeated Shield all by himself and got almost everyone in the audience yes-ing with him that this is just the best time for Daniel Bryan at the moment, but I was debating with my friend and he's convinced that it's still pretty early for him despite all that. Getting pushed too early more often than not has its repercussions.
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