Wrestling dream matches

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Pop Tatari, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. Would love to see Tyson Kidd vs TJ Perkins. Both guys are great mat wrestlers and can fly and their styles remind me of each other.

    What dream matches would you like to see?
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  2. Cena vs Tanahashi could be a good match I believe. Both are the faces of the two biggest promotions and workhorses. Tana could bring out the best of Cena I believe.
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  3. Maybe Cena will try a 450 splash in the match. This has GOAT match written all over it.
  4. If Cena did a 450 I would pop a fucking wheelie.
  5. Adam Cole vs CM Punk
    Kevin Steen vs Mick Foley Extreme Rules match
    Austin Aries vs Daniel Bryan
    AJ Styles vs CM Punk
    Brian Cage vs Brock Lesnar
    Sting vs The Undertaker
  6. Styles Vs Punk and Bryan Vs Aries have happened.
  7. I would like to think Bucks vs. Usos as a tag team one. Both brothers, and I'm sure the match would be great.

    Like you said, TJP vs. Kidd would be awesome as well. They are very similar, and the name too haha.

    Other ones I would like to see are Cesaro vs. Cage, Okada vs. Cena, Bryan vs. O'Reilly and Cole vs. Punk. WWE ones I would like to see happen are Sting vs. Taker, Reigns vs. Taker, Wyatt vs. Taker, Wyatt vs. Cena....
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