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  1. I've been visiting this site pretty frequently since discovering it and I think it's by far the best place to find the best of the bunch when it comes to getting your fill of wrestling DVDs/shows. Let me apologize ahead of time if I'm out of line for asking, or if this had been posted in the wrong place. At one point I thought there was a place to request vids but can't seem to find it now. I not only have a request though, I have quite a few DVDs I could share with you guys aswell (Greatest Superstars of The 90s, Edge Decade of Decadence, Viva La Raza, WWEs Top 50 Finishers, ECW One Night Stand 2005/Rise And Fall Of ECW, Rise and Fall of WCW, Randy Savage Ultimate Collection, The Rock The Most Electrifying, CM Punk Best In The World.. a few others I can't recall off the top of my head.) I'd be happy to upload these to the site, or putlocker or what-have-you if only the admins are able to add vids, then they could take over from there. My request is 'The Greatest Superstars of The 80s' Ive scowered the net for this vid and always seem to come up empty handed. Even the torrent sites that I happen to find it on has 0 seeders. So basically I just thought I'd ask. Or even if the site has done away with request, anyone reading this in possession of that, who would like to trade, id be happy to upload whatever from my collection in return for theyre upload of that.

    And while I'm on this subject, I can basically watch any wrestling video and enjoy it but the ones that interest me the most are the biography type movies where the first disc or so is a journey though the superstars life and the other couple discs are matches. I'm fairly certain I've seen them all, but anyone who happened to know of any that are normally overlooked or that maybe most fans arent aware of.. any recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated.

    So pumped to find a site where its not a consant Smarts/Marks battle and where everyone seems to just be here for the love of the sport of pro wrestling. Thats what makes the business, passionate fans who have a true love for what these guys do and the history of the business. Glad to be here!!!!!!
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