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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. For a while now I've put off giving anyone this award as there wasn't really anyone standing out making lots of wrestling-related threads, probably because I made a lot of them myself.

    Now I have no PC, it's up to a lot of you guys to keep the content flowing. We're naturally going to hit a lesser-active period, but each day I'll be on for at least an hour or two and I'll observe and give out the wrestling enthusiast award to those who have been trying extra hard.

    Also, it's not just about making new threads. If I see people replying to a lot of wrestling threads and hitting a decent number of posts per day, I'll give it to those too. HQ posts only though. Short posts I tend to ignore.

    Naturally this award has become the award with the most prestige, as no one has it, and it's very hard to obtain. So all I can as is good luck!
  2. Good luck to all!
  3. If you can't start a thread, maybe you can PM one of us to start the thread for you?
  4. Pffft I am the Enthusiast! The Wrestling Enthusiast!
  5. @[seabs] and myself should get this award, hands down.

    We have the most posts in the wrestling sections.


  6. I agree :surprised:
  7. It's an award that basically can't be nomimated. When I feel someone needs to have this 16x16 iconic pixel in their post_bit area, I'll hand it over :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Oh and @[RKO] I have the most posts in the wrestling sections. :emoji_wink:
  8. PHP:
    *Hacks Crayo's password and changes his post count tto 99.. 
  9. Would only change the image of my post count, I'd still physically have more posts in the wrestling sections.

    I'm on a roll.

  10. You're a chairmen you don't count obviously. :dodgy:
  11. Brb telling Vince his input to WWE doesn't count. Us fellow chairmens have each of us on speed-dial.
  12. @[seabs] I think it's time to hold a strike against the bored.

    * 2,300 post's

  13. [​IMG]
  14. I'll :shovel: you all.
  15. I did #OccupyHackForums. Omni :shovel: me.

  16. It appears I'll be :shovel: by Crayo here :cry:
  17. Unless they delete the posts :emoji_wink:
    Wouldn't that be a bitch

  18. I'd cry and rage-quit.
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