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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by JeebaK, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Im sure many of u have played games such as WWE raw and Smackdown and Here Comes The Pain and RAW 2012 and stuff like that.

    But i found a great game that is unique and different.

    Its called TWC 4. There r two different versions of the game TWC 4 : Career, and TWCV 4: Manager.

    Both versions are around 34 mb each. Graphics are awful. But i find it very entertaining, i prefer the Manager version.

    It has 9 Feds. (RAW, SmackDown, TNA, Ring of Honour, ECW, Storm Wrestling, Legends, Deceased and another fed i forgot.)
    U can be manager of any fed of your choice.
    U can change a wrestlers name, gimmick, heel/face, entrance music, pyro, lightning, etc.
    U can book upto 10 segments / matches every night. PPVs happen every 2 months.
    U can select matches of ur choice for wrestlers, create storylines to build up a heated feud, make ur wrestlers compete for titles, hold any kind of matches including cage, royal rumble, first blood, etc. U can even control the wrestlers urself when they r in ring or chose to let them fight themselves.

    U can also train talents, buy players from other rosters, and sell players from ur wrestlers, fix a weekly wage for them etc.

    Wrestlers can get injured, or even loose a body part like limb or ankle if they take too mcuh abuse in the ring, or even worse, they can even die.

    Each match can get upto 5 stars. The stars increases with good moves, heat, usage of weapons, high flying action in the ring, and it can also decrease if the wrestlers use the same move too many times, if the wrestlers waste too much time not doing anything, if the match is too short or too long.

    U can compete with other TV shows to make ur tv show the best in the world.

    All in all its a pretty unique game and only around 40mb so try it out, i would suggest the managerial version since all of u seem to be interested in creating storylines.

    Download the career version if u want to create a new wrestler and play with him to the top.

    U can download it from here.

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