Wrestling Haiku's

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  1. A Haiku is a non rhyming poem with three lines. the first line has 5 syllabballalls, the second has 7 and the third has 5. Here are some of the ones I have made. Post some of your own!

    D-Bry was the champ.
    Lost it in 18 seconds.
    gets over with crowd.

    Jericho Returns.
    End of world as we know it.
    Loses all the time.

    Cena gets injured.
    He's going to take time off.
    Comes back the next night.

    My first thread :yay:
  2. Johnny being the GM STILL!

  3. That's not a Haiku :cena:
  4. Thread says make haiku
    Randy Savage thinks he knows
    Fails Miserably
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  5. lolololol :otunga:
  6. I think the forum is my home,
    I checked again,
    I cried. :cry:
  7. #fail

    The first one is 5
    The second one is 7
    The last one is 5

    a haiku about how to write a haiku

    Climbs onto the Cell
    Thrown off onto a table
  8. ^^ Fail. First one is 6.

    I own this forum
    I get picked on all the time
    Mind is fucking blown
  9. lols I fixed it

    Miz is on a roll.
    Loses all his momentum.
    Does the thriller dance.

    Johney think he good
    But Hide behind a guy who think he a Lawer a Hot Diva that think she all that and a Big Gaint
    He lucky I not that or i lay the SmackDown on his Candy ASS and have CM PUNK WATCH! PIPE BOMB! :yes:

  11. That's not a haiku :cena:
  12. :yes: IT IS!

  13. Inside of me a light was turned on like the theme says.
    So I stuck a light bulb in my ass.
    It's glass everywhere.
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  14. Fools failing badly,
    Learn how to write a Haiku,
    Become uber boss.
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  15. PM the foolish Dutchman the instructions then, boy!
  16. It's in the OP.

    5 syllables in the first line,
    7 in the next,
    5 in the last.

    1 2 3 4 5,
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7,
    1 2 3 4 5,

    My dog has just died (5 syllables),
    I am really upset now (7 syllables),
    I'm going to cry (5 syllables),
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  17. Dutchman gets it now.
    So happy with all the help.
    He's a happy man.

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  18. Randy Savage redefining the rules of a haiku :true:
  19. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Asks guy to throw him some beer
    Gets hit in the face
  20. That's sad to know Crayo
    But I want to tell you guys
    Kelly sucks Vince's balls.
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