Wrestling haters!

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  1. Don't you just hate those kids that give you a hard time for watching wrestling?

    I see kids get really bummed out when others make fun of em' for just watching something he/she enjoys.

    When I meet a fan and he tells me people are giving him a hard time I always tell them to stand up for themselves.

    I bet if those haters met me in real life they wouldn't make fun of NOBODY.

    The truth of the matter is, EVERYTHING on tv is scripted, fake, etc.

    So why make fun of wrestling fans?

    Truth be told, wrestlers put a ton more work in than average actors. We work out, we get hurt, we have to travel and work all year round without seeing our families for the longest time, we have to do public appearances and of course our physical work.

    All that work really gets to you physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Wrestling can change peoples life. We are entertainers, and people like to be entertained by our work and I personally I think it is fine and I'm not just saying that because I'm Goldberg and I used to wrestle.

    This makes people happy and we are proud of it.

    Man, when we get to participate with the Make a wish foundation, it's great.
    Meeting those fans that have some kind of disability or disease and to know that they might not be with us in a couple of months, and one of the things that they want to do before passing away is just to meet one of us?

    That is just fantastic man, that is what keeps me going strong.

    So kids leave wrestling fans alone!
  2. All I say is . . .
  3. Don't be a bully be like cm punk. A star. The other way made sense to me but if other people can't work it out here is a reworded version.
  4. I actually had trouble reading, what you wrote @[seabs]
  5. I'm not going to lie I've just finished a thousand word English language essay so that post was far from the most elequent same for this actually. Apologies to cm punk.
  6. I guess I will just make a thread and than get off for awhile.
  7. Lol @ this thread.

    Completely agree with what you've said Goldberg. Does my head in when people cuss Wrestling.