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  1. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois. The Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk has gained a cult following amongst the IWC however which incarnation of these two do you prefer on the microphone?​

    His notable WWE gimmicks are :

    The Straight Edge Saviour -
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    The kayfabe breaking anti authority best in the world -

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    I'd class him as one of the best promo guys in the WWE but I prefer his work under the "Straight Edge Saviour" persona as he doesn't use the crutch on kayfabe as much as he does as the BITW. I haven't included his ECW work yet as I want to compare these two as they were his most successful imo.​
  2. Hellooooo.... beard...... duh. SES
  3. His best kayfabe mic work was naturally SES, he played the sick twisted cult leader so well with that gimmick but of course WWE didn't push that stable as far as they should have.

    But I enjoyed his shoot/authority/ranting mic segments more, because they raise your arm hair naturally. He can still do those authority rants without breaking kayfabe, so I think for potential it has to be BITW.
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  4. Very well put. I wondered why couldn't put my finger on it.

    Listening to Mr. Johnson is asinine.... and Punk put him to shame, utterly.

    The only thing more awkward than Cena putting down Rock on Monday is a John Morrison promo.. ouch
  5. Without a doubt the best in the world gimmick. When was the last time u saw a face this entertaining on the mic? hard to remember.
  6. Agreed, recently WWE's idea of a top face was the happy go lucky smiley guy. IE, Sheamus, Cena and even Orton is getting even more faceish. Punk at first was completely different, reminded me of Stone Cold in a way. But @[JeebaK] (not sure if you watch RAW weekly), you must agree Punk has changed recently. His promos have been dull full of bad jokes, but he has the potential to be the best face in years.

    However, this Monday he was back to his best up against Jericho, that's how we want to see him, ranting on superstars. Not jokey.
  7. Everyone has bad days, u can expect even the best to come out everyday and give a 5star performance at the mic. And breaking keyfabe doesnt necesserily make them "bad" jokes. I find jokey better than a straightforward rant, everybody can rant if they are booked to do it, but not everybody can make a rant funny and entertaining.
  8. But Punk isn't funny most of the time.

    Example: Him pretending to be sick, his jokes on Johnny Ace, his jokes on ADR/Miz. Just no where near as entertaining.
  9. I wasn't exactly the biggest fan of his SES work. The whole thing creeped me out. I would pick the kayfabe breaking face of Punk. So many priceless promos, starting with his John Cena storyline before MitB 2011.
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