Wrestling incarnations : Hollywood or Real American.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. Hollywood

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  2. Red & yellow.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Quite possibly the biggest name in wrestling's history, Hogan has had two major gimmicks. His run in the red and yellow, as the fight for what's right babyface and his Hollywood persona. Both offered the ultimate contrasts between babyface and heel but which did you prefer?
    Notable feuds under the red and yellow include an iconic clashes with Andre and Savage amongst others, whilst the Hollywood persona lead to one of the best build ups in wrestling history during the NWO vs Sting storyline and quite possibly the biggest moment in wrestling history when the third man was revealed.​

    So 2 questions

    1. [*]Which did you prefer?

      [*]Which had the bigger impact?

  2. Great thread.

    Which did I prefer? Hollywood persona definitely. Was never a fan of the happy superman Hogan persona.

    Which had the bigger impact? This debate could go on for years. Persnoally I'd say Hollywood due to the shock of it all. However, for the business and his name, the red & yellow persona was definitely huge and had a massive impact.
  3. Hollywood Hogan is the greatest heel of all time. Both gimmicks had huge impacts on pro wrestling. You can say: "Hulk formed it, but Hollywood reformed it!", easily.
  4. Okay. It's Red and Yellow

    I lived through most of the 80's and Hogan was relevant for nearly all of it

    Nobody came close to Hogan. Ketchup and Mustard was everywhere.

    When he "Hulk's" up, people still mark out... that's red/yellow guys not Hollywood

    The Hollywood was great, but flash n the pan by comparison... emphasis on comparison

    I'm splitting hairs, but Hollywood was a rebellion against what Vince/Hogan created... It was shock value that wore off in less than three years
  5. I like the Yellow and Red Hogan Better!
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