wrestling is still the best

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  1. what else is their. i see these lads who say that mma is the new game in town. what a load of bollocks. wheres the grace of orton or the excellenace of ted dibase jr. mma fans are thick as pigshit. whereas wrestling fans are as sharp as a yorkshire whip. look at hw we beat reigns. wwe aint perfect but the talents betta than ever. WORKRATE

    at the end of the say. theres nothin else. music is crap. its all jizzy whizzy and friverlous beats. comedy is crap. not been a good one since lifes 2 short. SPORT IS VACOUS

    its all bout the booze, the pussy and the wrestlin. end of debate.
  2. I agree with most of this post(except the comedy part. Check out Lee Evans some time.)
  3. i hate these antismarks with there friverlous jokes. wrestling is better than eva. WORKRATE
  4. I don't that you just said but I like wrestling
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  5. Wow, awesome spelling, m8.
  6. spellin is friverlous. dont b ego manical
  7. At the end of the day, your spelling is still shite.

    WWE and UFC are two different things. Only some fans of UFC like WWE and only some fans of WWE like UFC.
  8. I loves to noting make sense witching my wordses
  9. rasslin is trash m8