Wrestling isn't Wrestling

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 16, 2015.

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  1. A week or two ago I posted a photoshoot from the movie Wrestling isn't Wrestling. And now @Forrest linked me the actual movie that was released today.

    So here you go:
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  2. Seems interesting. I hear Drake and Josh are somewhere in there? :woo1:
  3. Oh cool, boobs are gonna be back in wrestling
  4. I finally get credit for something...

    Anyway, Yeah, I watched it and it was quite cool to see this.
  5. This movie was so cool.
  6. I saw Josh in it but not Drake.
  7. Apparently WWE legal is trying to take this off the internet, so I would watch it while you can
  8. LOL yes.
    Will prlly watch this later tonight.
  9. The talents are also not allowed to tweet about it.
  10. Of course, gotta take away another thing that we like.

    It really is WrestleMania 31 season.
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  11. you would think WWE would support something saying wrestling isn't wrestling.
  12. Trips and Steph have replied

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