Wrestling Jesus on youtube

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Austin 3:16, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. What do you guys think of him? I know, that many people have a problem understanding him.
  2. We have someone on this site with the same problem.
  3. with Who?
  4. He's a funny moron. He's funny because of his hilarious rants and style of ranting, but he's a moron because the stuff he says is plain stupid most of the time.
  5. IT Factor
  6. Check WrestlingJesusYT on youtube he makes rants, shoots and all kinds of stuff. He is a very entertaining guy in my opinion


  7. Haven't really watched many of his videos
  8. I agree.
  9. Yeah Punk, Seabs (IT Factor) Is a complete moron who just rants and rants. A pure dictader :pity:
  10. Pretty much.:obama:
  11. I only opened up this thread because I thought this was in reference to me...:downer:

    That's okay cause I am youtube wrestling god! :jbl:
  12. @[Teen Gohan Randy Savage] is Wrestling Jesus. :true:
  13. Forgot he changed his name lol. @[Respect Gohan6425] is Wrestling Jesus.
  14. my favorite youtuber
  15. NO! I am Gohan6425 I not that fat fuck!
  16. Don't lie you'd let that fat fuck skewer you if the opportunity arose.
  17. ^This.

    Oh, Crayo, as a response to all his negativity to his negativity, he's actually done a few positive videos lately:

  18. He funny but then there are time were a moen when he say Punk suck b/c he a face and then when he turn bad or anti hero he start liking him again! He is nothing but a FUCKIN HYPOCRITE! That will like the bad guy but hate good guys!
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