Wrestling just isn't what it used to be

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Hderek316, Aug 4, 2013.

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  1. Hard for me to even watch wrestling any more. 80's 90's and early 2000's wrestling was 10X better.
  2. Interesting. Could you please state some reasons as to why wrestling of days gone by is the "superior product" ?
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  3. Come on op tell us why!:aries:
  4. It was real back then.....
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  5. Thank you for sharing your reasons why you don't believe wrestling is what it used to be, it was a very intriguing read.
  6. I disagree as at the minute the product is actually damn entertaining and we have stars who could be big big names if given the opportunity. Hell I'm usually a big dissenter but recent weeks have shown good times are ahead. Crowds are good, so much young talent, ppl like DZ and DB getting over and in Bryans case getting huge pops as good as ppl in Attitude Era days. Things are changing the universe is speaking and WWE are listening and its working we have stuff for kids in Tons of Funk we have stuff for adults in the Wyatt family and we have a ton of great talent starting to get there dues. Plus even the old guard are on form and hot atm on the likes of Orton, Henry and Cena yes Cena. Even he is getting more entertaining at the minute great stuff for us long watching fans.
  7. Yeah, things have changed dramatically and there's still plenty to complain about, but what is it you don't like? Wrestling doesn't have the huge characters of the 80's, but it doesn't have the talentless hacks, either. Wrestling doesn't have the crazy TV of the 90's, but people hated it in TNA. Wrestling doesn't have the violence of the 90's, but times have changed and people realized cutting yourself open with a blade is absurd. It doesn't have the hilarity or the star power of the early 2000's, but it doesn't have nearly the stupidity, either. Take the good with the bad.
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  8. I would have to say it really isnt as good as it was back in the AE if anyone disagrees just watch a couple of old raw is wars the guys got to come out on the mic and say whatever they wanted there was divas wearing less clothes and stone cold and the rock where on top and the tag team division had more then two teams that anyone cared about.
    But i do think just recently its getting abit better everyone is gonna hate me for saying it i dont really like daniel bryan hes just a guy with a beard whats all the fus about? and to say cena and orton are the old guard is just weird surely the old guard left are kane, big show and mark henry.
  9. I mentioned Henry. An I didn't include Kane and Big Show as they aren't on form whereas the others are. An how are Cena and Orton now not old guard? Cena debuted 02 and Orton too so they are getting on now.
  10. True, they did get more freedom on the mic. Most people are to scared to go off script or improvise, so that is 1+
    Divas wearing less clothes isn't anything to be bragging about. That degrades them, and you didn't mention anything about their talent. -1
    Stone Cold and The Rock were legendary on the mic, and today currently the there's only one guy on top which is Cena. I say he's either at their level, or even higher when it comes to wrestling, but on the mic I say they top him. Give you +1
    Tag teams were better back then. They had great feuds, and the titles meant something back then. +1
    Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler in all of WWE. If you watch his matches you would understand why, and the beard is unique on him. -1
    John Cena has been around for 10+ years, yes he is an old guard. -1

    Got zero points after evaluating the scale.
    Of course, it's all opinionated I suppose, every era has it's good and bads. If you focus on the positives instead of the negative, you'll appreciate it more.
  11. :dafuq:

    Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler in the company and is quite a big competitor for one of the best wrestlers in the world. That should be the only reason in itself as to why he deserves the push he has now. Also, if you've seen any interviews of him, the dude is the most humble and kindest man. Definitely a good role model for the kids as well. He's just damn good.
  12. i'm not disputing daniel bryan being good in the ring im just saying whats he really like when it comes to building hype to storylines? maybe its the way wwe have been writing for him as i literally only started watching the week before money in the bank so my opinion is based on that wich means it probably isnt the best one but it seems like they are making him seem abit dim? like when vince was clearly trying to get into his head about cena and had made it clear he doesn't see daniel bryan as championship material bryan belived vince over cena that makes no sense if you want to build heat make them just fight a little bit orton still gets to be face and fights people.
    Also why were they using jericho as a jobber just before he leaves the company again surely you should win your last match if you have been there for ages?
    Also there doesn't seem to be one top heel in there atm and i think thats really important to making a show more fun hopefully the wyatt family live up to that and dont just settle for tag belts and maybe the usa title or the intercontinental wich these mean nothing to anyone as they are not even defended in every ppv and they barely even get a story line looks like no one even cares about the usa title as no ones challenged ambrose yet have they?
    Also with regards to the women comment yeh they had less clothes but me saying i liked that isnt degrading alot of women are comftable wearing less clothes but also can you remember people chyna she actually won a male singles title and they had more then just two women involved in the storylines at once.
  13. He stated his reason for believing Vince in that, even though he didn't like Vince, Vince had never lied to him. This actually fits with what guys like Mick Foley, Ric Flair, Stone Cold, and even Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan have said. While there are things in Vince's personality that many of those guys don't like, he is brutally honest when it comes to dealing with the talent. Also, remember that Vince fired and re-hired DBD a few years back and the story has it that, when Vince released him, he promised he would bring him back, even though he didn't know what kind of future Bryan would have in the company (according to some reports anyway). Vince did bring him back. It also reflects Vince's long-stated beliefs about the way "champions are built", along with the slightly different views of Triple H that size is not as important as natural charisma.

    Pro wrestling tradition says that you lose your last match before you leave. Only Bret Hart didn't understand this.

    Alberto Del Rio. Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns. Cesaro and Swagger. Damien Sandow. While I agree, there is not currently "one top heel", there also isn't a need for one in the main event scene right this minute. Punk has Lesnar (who is a part-timer, so I don't count him), but is also bringing in Axel, which makes him more relevant. Cena and Bryan don't need one, but they have Orton laying in the weeds (look around, I made a post a while back about why there doesn't need to be a "true heel" in this feud, even if/when they add Orton to it, which I think is a fait accompli).
    As to the title bit, the title does not make the man. The man makes the title. Axel has been an above-average IC Champion. Ambrose has been a good US Champion. The problem is there are too many titles. Because there are too many titles (really it's just that there's not one midcard title, which means we're not sure if the IC or US Title is the important one). One of them should probably be retired or the WHC should be combined with the WWE Championship, with the IC or US Title becoming the upper-midcard belt.

    Chyna was a very special case in that she was a female wrestler that looked like she could hang with the men. Only she, Beth Phoenix, and Kharma have ever had the look to do that. None of those women is currently with the WWE. And I know we all want women to wear fewer clothes, but women generally aren't comfortable wrestling a match in an outfit in which they feel like they're going to "pop out of". They are finally building the Diva's division in the way they should. AJ and Kaitlyn (and now Layla) are involved in the title feud (thank God Layla's back to being a heel); meanwhile, the Bellas have a feud starting with Natalya that's carried further due to what we're being treated to on Total Divas. Also, we have Divas in NXT that are up-and-comers on the main roster.

    Yes. I, too, have fond memories of the Attitude Era, but it had its problems, too. The product is in a really good place right now and I give all credit to the new head writer and his willingness to let the guys (and girls) who can, do.

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  14. I can see your point on all those things apart from one are you saying your on vince's side on the montreal screwjob :O
    bret hart said he would happily lose the next day on raw just not to shawn micheals with his own finisher in his home town as he did have another month left on the contract so they could even of done it at the next PPV
  15. Yeah cause Hogan Vs Warrior was better than Bryan Vs Punk
  16. The build was a trillion times better. Ultimately the match doesn't matter if no one is watching. They don't craft rivalries and feuds like they used to. I blame it on monthly PPVs.
  17. Bret's the employee (or was); Vince is (still) the boss, although probably not to the extent he was at that point.

    And, while I don't think Vince was really right to do what he did, I think Bret was definitely in the wrong to refuse to do the honors. He could have proposed a lot of ways to end that match that Vince probably would have gone for, but he just flatly refused to lose that night. And Vince wanted to take the title off of him, mainly to avoid another Alundra Blayze situation. And crowning a champ on free TV rather than at Survivor Series would have just been silly.

  18. I wish the OP had gone further into detail with his opinion, but he is right. For better or worse nobody can deny wrestling isn't what it used to be.
  19. Its not like it hasn't happened before kane won the title at a ppv then the next night dropped it to stone cold.
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