Wrestling Names.

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  1. If u were a Wrestler in the WWE or NXT.... What would your name be?
  2. I would say Catwoman but I would be sued by DC...

    So I guess Felys Katus (play on the scientific name). I would wear attire similar to Catwoman and say cat puns. :kitler:

    Like this:
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  3. Brandon Pain
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  4. British Kid
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    While Ryan Vendetta is my main e-fed charcter (and the other two are gurls, so no using their names XD), I would not go under his name.

    The options for me would depend on the persona I have. If I would ever be a wrestler (Yeah...probably won't) the farthest I'd go is around the Canadian independents on the East Coast and if I am lucky, Quebec or Ontario. I could just wrestle under my real name (if local) or just adopt a new surname and think of a nickname relating to the gimmick. I mean, Daniel Bryan is a plain name and he is one of the most popular wrestlers of all time.
  6. The ReagMaster
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  7. Ivy Hale (I would nail it)
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  8. Nova would be a second choice
  9. Good names
  10. Mine would Obviously be LavenderHaze