Wrestling Observer awards for 2013

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    Bryan keeps picking up best technician, dude must be close to a full decade soon. Edit: Did a quick look through and this is his 9th straight year.
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  2. Cesaro number 3 in technical wrestlers is well deserved, wwe done quite well in this list. Bucks should of won tag team of the year though they amazing in the ring and make me laugh with their antics. Still a well put together list.
  3. Agree with most winners. Good to see WWE's fall/autumn got shat on.

    Please can someone explain to me what's so great about Okada's rainmaker - isn't it essentially a clothesline?
  4. Blasphemy!
  5. I think the ratio is this:

    1. It's one of the best booked and most protected finishers in wrestling.
    2. It's actually quite impactful, he holds nothing back.
    3. The setup is done very well, usually via tombstone piledrivers.
    4. The mental element of surprise, he grabs your hand, turns you around and BAM! - the first thing you see is a lariat nailing your head, the shock effect, I guess.
    5. The counters to the move are exciting and lead to great finishing stretches when opponents try to avoid it like plague.
    6. The move is mega over with crowds.
    7. Wrestlers sell it like death.
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  6. Interesting lists. Lol at TNA being a "worst" show than Total Divas though.
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  10. It's no clothesline from hell :jbl:
  11. How did Brock not get the Brusier Brody memorial award? fuck that
  12. Lists are funny sometimes. I like how the lists for best and worst announcers bascially has the same names on it. I guess CM Punk is a fueding machine. And the Divas get totally shit on again. Nobody used to talk about them like that in the days of Trish and Lita. At least I don't think they did.
  13. Nope. It's better.
  14. Nobody can answer me this? No fucking vanilla midget japanese shithead is a better brawler than Brock.
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  15. Not a fan of Brock soooooo \_/
  16. How can you not be. I seriously question your manhood
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  17. My guess is quantity. Brock has worked very few matches, but Shibata has worked a ton of matches, a lot of them being pure Potatomania.

    But personally I would have given the award to Tomohiro Ishii, the king of potatomania matches.
  18. Brock would make him wear his ass as a hat.
  19. Meh, question it all you want. You wouldn't be the first. I get no complaints in the bedroom though. I just never liked him as a wrestler. I know I am out of the norm on this, but I remember him debuting and I was like "Meh". Another big strong guy with no usable characteristics in astoryline other than "ME BROCK, ME SMASH". He's impressive, not knocking him any, I was just never a fan. I slightly enjoyed Brock vs HHH because it was nice to see HHH in the ring again. Thats it. Brock vs CM Punk I just wasn't that interested in. And now we are here.
  20. Agree with almost everything, even the TNA burials. Marked to see NXT get "Best Show of the Year"