News Wrestling Observer Roundup 27/09/16

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Adam., Sep 27, 2016.

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  1. Back again with another Observer Round Up, some big news came out so I felt the need to make another one of these.

    TNA Financial Failure (open)

    "So… We still don’t have a deal. And time is running out. There’s no money to fund this week’s television and PPV. Um, WWE is back in the picture, which is a really interesting thing because with WWE in the picture, it could be over. And, you know, Dixie could sell to whoever she wants to sell too and I guess it’s become very complicated. Billy Corgan talked to ESPN and said, you know, he wanted to buy it but...and he’s got the money to buy it but its a complicated thing.. and he talked like it’s a deal that would take weeks to put together. And they don’t got weeks. They got like…I talked to somebody there and its essentially.. they got until Friday because that’s the last business day before Sunday. They can’t really, you know, get everything to the bank and get the money in and all that and be ready on a Sunday. It’s just not going to work. So they got a couple days to get this deal done.

    Billy Corgan has also said that if he buys the company, he is changing the name of the company which, quite frankly, I would do. Just the feeling, it’s a tainted brand name and it’s just better to start with something else. Um, I would like to give it a little facelifting and get it out of Orlando, but, you know, financially, the last time they got out of Orlando, it cost them so much money that it really wasn’t worth it. And you know, they are really high on the Hardy’s thing. But everyday, you know, there’s talks going on, stuff going on and uh there’s not a lot of time.

    If they sell to WWE, they are pretty much done. It’s pretty much it. You know, WWE would buy the tape library and um… there’s so much there because one of the complicated things is all the debt. There’s millions of dollars that there in the hole right now. There’s more in the hole than it would cost to buy the company. So, that make’s it real complicated. There's people who might be willing to buy the company. It’s like if Billy or Aerolux, let’s just say one of them buys it. Well, the other one would have to, you know, buy the company from Dixie for whatever it is but they are also going to have to pay the other one, the money that they put in for all those TV’s, not to mention all the other money for god knows what is still owed… wrestlers that might be behind.. whatever.. there’s so much.. its like.. its not an easy deal. Last week, I was talking to somebody from the outside, and my feeling is because the time situation, that's not happening. That deal is not happening in 4 days. With WWE, that's not as difficult because you’re just selling the tape library. With WWE, everyone would lose their job. Well, not everyone. They would take some wrestlers but the company would be done though."

    Best WWE Womens Match? (open)


    Thoughts on Raw 27/09/16 (open)

    "They were just filling time, I thought that they knew that they were not gonna do very well."

    "They just did long matches, not a lot of creative thought into the show and um its not like it was a terrible show I'm not saying that, it actually wasn't bad in some ways but it was just kinda there"

    "That Rusev and Roman Reigns match (Bryan: *Groans* "Oh my god") they opened the show with a 25 minute double count out, these are not the guys to do really long matches. (Roman) is not good at engaging the fans..... If you are gonna go that long that is not the finish. I have no problem with finishes that advance the story but it was clear they didn't want either guy to lose.... Reigns is so far from what they want him to be....... I can't call it horrible it was just too long (Bryan: I'll call it horrible)."

    Matt Hardy to WWE? (open)


    Views on The Club losing to New Day (open)

    "I felt it had to be the end, I was shocked. I expected them to do the match again and do the title change especially after they pushed the 400 day. (Bryan: They're doing the demolition thing) yeah they are pushing it pretty hard so they have to go there now, its pretty much a lock"

    Seth Rollins Injury (open)

    "I saw the X Rays and it didn't look too bad."

    Bayley Vs Anna Fields (open)

    "Does she make cookies?"

    Genuine quote.

    "At least it was quick but boy this didn't look major league. I liked her promo, I thought considering she lost twice and everything like that she did a nice promo but man she had no business losing on Raw last week"

    Stephanie McMahon (open)

    "Uuugh, so bad......... This was terrible. Again it completely killed the Mick Foley character one believes what she says. And he's not even defending himself"

    Alvarez: "They can't make good babyfaces, their best babyfaces are heels"

    Drew Gulak (open)

    "Drew Gulak in the Cruiserweight Classic they were very impressed by him but they didn't think that he could be a wrestler for WWE. They were actually interested in him as a coach because he's so good at wrestling."

    Alvarez: "So they changed their mind?"

    "No he's basically there to lose. Its not like he's going to get a push"

    On the Lesnar/Orton Rematch (open)


    On Brian Kendrick Vs TJP Next Week (open)

    "I can kinda seem him screwing TJ and winning the title match, I kinda think he should"
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  2. LOL'd at the Gulak bit.

    But, spot on with the Club and Stephanie thing.
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