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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Nov 27, 2015.

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  1. It's gonna be rolling around soon so I thought we can brush up on our predictions for the Wrestling Observer 2015 awards.

    So far I have a prediction on these nominations/winning awards for WWE (or TNA), but anything can happen in the next month:
    Worst Worked Match: Intercontinental Elimination Chamber Match
    Worst Feud: Rusev vs. Ziggler
    Worst Commentator: JBL
    Worst Major Show: Survivor Series 2015
    Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic: Flair family tragedy to promote Paige vs. Charlotte
    Worst Weekly Show: Raw (Impact is behind it)
    Worst Promotion: TNA (WWE is right behind it)
    Best Gimmick: The New Day
    Worst Gimmick: Alberto del Rio
    Wrestler of the Year: Finn Balor

    Balor I know can get a nomination, but idk much on the indie scene to know his competition, after witnessing SS 2015, that's gonna win the Worst Major show award by a long shot, IC Chamber as well with worst worked match, Rusev vs. Ziggler will be worst feud. Paige bringing up family tragedy to promote a match? Pretty disgusting too if you ask me. Anyone got any predictions?
  2. Wrestler of the year is going to be tight. Meltzer is a big mark for new japan and the race is going to come down to either of their top stars, Lesnar, Rollins or Balor I think.
  3. How can you say JBL is the worst commentator? He's not as good as he use to be because they limit him, but he's great.
  4. Perfect example:

  5. Byron Saxton is in contention for worst commentator. He adds nothing to the team, and for the most part is silent.
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  6. Because he is awful.
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  7. Add him to the ballot then
  8. Just from what I know, but y'all know I'm not much of an NJPW follower.

    Thesz Award: AJ Styles. Caught many of his matches, and he's always been great, but the NJPW watchers admit how he's having his best years at like 38 years old. Great year with ROH and NJPW. There's not many options in the mainstream companies, so there ya go.

    -Most Outstanding Wrestler: Rollins will likely win and understandably so, but I'll throw out Kevin Owens. For a while there this guy was the biggest lock for match quality on the roster.

    -Best Box Office Draw: Lesnar, easily. Nobody else (outside maybe New Japan) comes close. Sold Beast in the East like crazy.

    -Feud of the Year: Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens. Couldn't wait for their match at Rival.

    -Tag Team of the Year: If you discount "Being the only good part of Raw" as a quantifier, it's Lucha Underground's Unlikely Trio. These three were spectacular to watch, so much excitement, complete crowd investment, and Angelico became a star by being out of his freakin' mind

    -Most Improved/Most Overrated: Can both of these be the same guy? Alberto El Patron was the most improved as his work in LUG was pretty great. A confident, happy Dos Caras working at full speed actually wound up being a great asset to LUG.

    -Best on Interviews: From just this year? The New Day. They aren't technically talking butts into seats, but adding entertainment value to Raw/SD is the next best thing.

    -Most Charismatic: With Sami Zayn on the shelf, I'll give the nod to Sasha Banks because she damn sure deserves an award. When she was missing from an episode of NXT, you noticed. She made it feel like you were out there watching a star.

    -Best Technical Wrestler: One of you guys who follows technical wrestling more than I can answer this one. Maybe Seth? But he isn't really...

    -Bruiser Brody: PENTAGON! PENTAGON! PENTAGON! Watching him kill dudes is the best.

    -Best High Flyer: Prince Puma/Ricochet. This guy can do things you can't even imagine, then land on his feet and 450 dropkick your face.

    -Most Underrated? As if that's a question, Cesaro ties Shelton's record.

    -Promotion of the Year: It's close, but Lucha Underground will barely edge out NXT

    -Best Weekly TV show: Less close, as Lucha Underground isn't really debatable in terms of weekly quality.

    -Match of the Year: Sasha Banks vs Bayley in Brooklyn. If you can make a crowd of grown men cry, then you deserve like every award

    -Rookie of the Year? GABLE!

    -Best Non-Wrestler: Dario Cueto. He took the most overused, by logic could never be done again character and made it a quality part of Lucha Underground. You could go all day with this guy.

    -Best TV Announcer: He gets a lot of heat, but Matt Striker. Even if he has a few silly quirks here and there, he's also excited and part of the fun of the show.

    -Worst TV Announcer: JBL, easily. The few times I turn on Raw, the decrease in commentary quality from Smackdown to Raw is easily apparent and jarring. Could be Vince in his ear, but he makes Raw a must-mute show sometimes.

    -Best Major Show: What are the quantifiers for this? Wrestle Kingdom 9 seems like the safe pick, but I still haven't seen it. Of those I have, it's Takeover: Brooklyn barely edging out Ultima Lucha night 2.
  9. - Zack Sabre Jr. He'll prolly win this year's Best Technical Wrestler award, too.

    - Nakamura vs Ibushi and Okada vs Tanahashi at WK9 was better, imo. They were pure 5 stars. Banks/Bayley was fantastic, but not as excellent as those two in my book.
  10. Isn't it something that the Royal Rumble was easily the worst match of the year? :haha:
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  11. Oh I missed the class B awards.

    Worst Major Wrestling Show: Shoot did TNA do any? Hmm, even with the amazing triple threat, the Royal Rumble wound up doing so much damage this year and set up a horrendous RTWM. I'll give it a slight edge over Survivor Series.

    Best Wrestling Maneuver: Puma's 630 Splash, possibly the Red Arrow. Maybe someone else has a better choice on this who knows the greatness of Rainmaker clotheslines and such

    Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic: Umm, no shit?

    Worst TV Show: Anyone who watched Raw this year felt like they had to defend themselves for watching it. Easy winner.

    Worst Worked Match: In terms of ring work, it was the IC Title Elimination Chamber. Not too many other options, are they?

    Worst Feud of the Year: Ziggler vs Rusev as a feud, yeah. But it's a shame it's not "worst storyline" because looking back on it and everything it did and the horrible things it accomplished, the Hashtag Divas Revolution deserves all-time horrible consideration.

    Best Booker: Ryan Ward and the NXT crew

    Promoter of the Year: Triple H and the NXT crew. I'll be more than happy to tell anyone to spend their nine ninety nine to buy an NXT special.

    Best Gimmick: OMG, so many... Can Dario Cueto get this, too? Maybe Catrina and her breasts? New Day as wrestling unicorns?

    Worst Gimmick: Mexamerica? Seriously don't know. Maybe Big Show pretending to be a pro wrestler. Possibly the Authority?

    Best Book/Best DVD: Fuck if I know
  12. It's definitely high up there. :smug:
  13. I almost want next months Rumble to be a car crash to keep this tradition alive. Let's go for three in a row WWE.
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  14. Royal Rumble Rebellion III is coming in January of 2016. Stay tuned.
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  15. Royal Rebellion has a good ring to it
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