Wrestling Personality You Would Want For a GPS Voice

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Jan 19, 2016.

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    This is definitely a tough one for me. All of these would be funny to have as incorporating typical GPS instructions and all that, I would think JR would be the most fun, so he's my pick. When you come up to a wreck on the side of the road, he could go all like "AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, HE'S BROKEN IN HALF"

    He could also say things like "turn left kid make yourself famous!" "BAH GAWD LEFT/RIGHT TURN AHEAD!" "Aw son of a bitch! You took the wrong turn, damn it!"

    But yeah, my pick is JR.
  2. Tough choice. JR would prolly be my pick, as well.
  3. JR hands down.

    Paige would be annoying becuz she would yell THIS IS MY HOUSE everywhere u go
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  4. I'd get Ron Simmons and start driving up and down rivers and around lakes looking for dams
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  5. Macho Man or Scott Hall.
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  6. If I want a Sunday drive and don't care where I go: Ultimate Warrior.
  7. Nvm I choose The King vitMOcSn.jpg
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  8. The Rock, every choice on the GPS would be Smackdown hotel XD
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  9. Turn left in one mile kid don't miss your chance to be something! Now kid now do it now! If not now then never! Bah gawd kid turn left you're going to miss it dammit!
  10. The Rock if you have to take a U-turn: TURN YOUR ROOTY TOOTY CANDY ASS AROUND
  11. Sycho Sid - "I have half the brain you do so you drive and I'll be the master and ruler of the world!"
  12. Mauro overall, Cena from the choices. He can rap me the directions.
  13. Iron sheik all the way bubba.
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  14. From those choices, no one. From anyone, Vince McMahon.

    Turn right here, dammit! I told you to turn right, dammit! That's it! You're fiiirreed!
  15. Stone Cold for sure. Hearing his deep Texas accent yell out directions and shit would be hilarious.

    "You took the wrong damn turn, jackass. You were supposed to make the turn back there, not up here."

    "That sharp right turn's a doozy, so be sure to watch your ass when you come up on it."
  16. Anyone not saying Savage is a fucking moron in my humble opinion.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. I was going to record myself doing an impression of an automated Savage giving road directions but my apt is small and my roommate is home. but you can imagine how awesome it would be. I'm pretty sure I posted a voice recording of myself reading a rammy savage post in a randy savage voice before :kobe:
  19. post the clip or it never happened. You saw all my pretty + gut in the IRL thread, do work Figger.
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