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  1. I listen to most of them, how about you guys?

    Melina this morning on Ross Report. She is absolutely batshit crazy but that's kind of the norm in this business isn't it? lol but yeah, I get huge "psycho ex" vibes from listening to her. Still, cool talk & I'll finish it after work.

    What do you guys listen to if anything?
  2. Sam Roberts pod is the best interview based one.
    Not a chill, no "I've been in the business for X years" ego but still gets wrestling and he's actually a professional radio DJ so he knows how to structure a interview.

    As for not interview based ones:
    The OSW Review video pod and the Attitude Era pod are must listens.
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  3. Is the name of it the Sam Roberts Podcast? Or will it just come up when I search his name in iTunes? I really enjoy listening to JR, Austin, and Y2J but sometimes they're kind of ehhh...

    Particularly Jericho's podcast. 20 minutes of self-fellating before guests come on and playing his Fozzy song to death. Lights Go Out isn't a bad song, but I'm sick to death of it after 8 months of him playing it every single show.

    JR's a great guy, and he has great perspective most of the time but he can ramble a bit much too.
  4. I don't listen to a lot of 'em, but the last one I've listened to was Stone Cold's podcast with Trips.

    I also enjoy listening to Sam Roberts podcast.
  5. Sam Roberts Wrestling podcast should do fine for searching. He uploads them all on youtube in video format as well.

    Personally I cannot stand JR och Jericho's pods. Jericho shills too much as you mentioned, and JR is a horrible interviewer who takes up way too much space and doesn't allow the guest to talk. Not to mention his outdated and set in stone views on wrestling. And Austin has already pulled through all the guests I want to him to interview so there's no need to listen to him.
  6. Austin's just a great dude to listen to. He can talk about whatever and I find it interesting because I like him and his perspective on the business. I see where you're coming from on JR, but to be fair a lot of the things that work in wrestling 30 years ago still work today. That's why NXT is so successful. Watching that to me is like seeing 1987 NWA but with young talent and spectacular production value. There's wrinkles over time to be added to booking and putting together a match, but the basics will always remain the same. JR's knowledge is invaluable. Sure I don't always agree with him, and I'm decidedly not a fan of Bill Watts at all. Anywho, just my two cents.

    He does talk over people a bit much, but I love hearing his thoughts to start the show on the latest Raw or event. Jerico's shilling is just awful. We're together on that one. I will stand in unity with you against that horsecrap lol.
  7. I recently listened to Chris Jericho speaking about how his punch on HBK's wife actually connected. it had been so long since i saw that segment that i had to go back and view what his reaction was. Some say he really wanted to break character, but i personally give props to HBK's wife for selling the punch to perfection and not making it seem as real as it actually was. It takes alot of self control not to break character like that.
  8. I listen to two wrestling podcasts each week. Both of which are run my fans. One if the podcasts is literally called The Fan's Podcast. The other is called Byte That Wrestling Podcast. They both get fan responses to the current WWE product.
  9. I listen to Art of Wrestling, Attitude Era and just started on the New Generation podcasts.

    I've listened to the odd Austin and Jericho podcast, but I find myself skipping quite a lot of them.
  10. I've listened only Steve with Triple H and Steve with Vince.
  11. Osw review is absolutely awesome. To me the best wrestling podcast by a mile. I also listen to Cheap Heat, I enjoy Peter Rosenberg and David Shoemaker. Otherwise I listen to Austin if he's got someone interesting on. Used to listen to Jericho but he's such a fucking egocentric douche that I had to stop, couldn't stand all his talk about himself.
  12. I've occasionally listened to Steve Austin, Solomonster and JR Report. I'm too big on radio.
  13. Bumping this up. Stone Cold's podcasts are so good, especially the PPV reviews w/ Wade Keller.

  14. I regularly listen to the Bryan and Vinny show with your host, Bryan Alvarez, and big Vinny V. @Snowman
  15. I like listening to Talk Is Jericho when I'm bored, he's the only one I find interesting to watch.
  16. Check out Sam Roberts podcast on YouTube, dude. I think you might like it.
  17. I'll check it out bro, thanks for the suggestion!
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  18. No problemo. Enjoy it!
  19. Checked it out, I really like it! His interview with The Miz was great.
  20. Oh yeah, he's got a ton of good stuff.
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