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  1. Let's discuss wrestling schools. A lot of us if not all of us would agree that the correct way to get started in the wrestling business is to seek out a school and get training (Instead of wrestling in backyards and being a yardtard, that is a correct wrestling term btw). There are a lot of academies spread out in the US and in the world. Are there any particular schools that you know of, any you have heard good things about?

    I have heard a lot of good things about Truth Martini's school, the house of Truth in Detroit. It has alumni like Zach Gowen, Jimmy Jacobs and the MCMG and all talk positively about it and come back almost weekly to help train the new guys, that means you get some great tips and tricks. It's also affordable, costing around 2 grand.

    Have you heard about any good schools? Let's see if we can build a little database for any on site guys who want to become wrestlers.
  2. I'd personally go to the House of Hardcore dojo, it's a school and I think I read the teacher was Tommy Dreamer
  3. The HOH school hasn't even opened yet. I'd wait on casting judgement on it until we can see the first class of graduates.
  4. Is the New Japan Dojo still open? If so that by a long way, the training was apparently madly intense there.
  5. No idea if the LA dojo is still open but yeah, that would be a great place to train if it is still open.

    Kowalski's school would also be good I think. It has produced guys like HHH, Fandango and Sandow.
    Also the funking observatory.
    And of course. Quackenbush's wrestlefactory.
  6. Team 3D has their own school (academy). TNA talent Sam Shaw is one of the students that came out it.
  7. ROH have their own dojo as well.
    CZW has a school as well right?
    And Jersey pro as well I believe.
  8. Team 3D probally trains in Hardcorelogy, crowd controlled presentation, ladder ascension, English, and of course, how to properly use a table.
  9. I would LOVE to go to WWA4 and that's where i'm going... If it doesn't close before I get there. :notsure:
  10. Gillberg has his own school, I believe. :gusta:
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