Wrestling shirts you own?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. So come on then, what wrestling shirts have you bought in the past?

    The only ones I own are DX ones I'm ashamed to say, loved them as a 10 year old boy.

    So, to make the 10000000th thread on shirts tonight, but which ones do you own?
  2. Have an Austin one and a Rey Mysterio one somewhere, both from years and years ago. Never bought any myself.
  3. Dx jersey.
  4. CM Punk T-Shirt from the house show here in Brazil earlier this year.
  5. Haven't owned/wore a wrestling shirt since probably 5th grade. I wish I still had my NWO Wolfpack shirt though
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  6. i have WAY over 150 Wrestling shirts i buy like everyone that comes out Plus Funny wrestling shirts off sites
  7. Undertaker shirt, DX shirt, Stone Cold shirt, rey rey, Raw 2007, and APA.

    Only ones I still have are DX and APA.
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  9. I have an Edge one
  10. I have the r truth u gone get got, brodus clay funkasaurus, zack ryder are u serious bro??, and the ryder statue of liberty shirt thats got the arms cut off.
  11. Cm Punk's Best in The World & Straight Edge Society Tee's
    Rey Mysterio Full Face & Armored Mask w/ two axes Tee's
    The DX Tee with the ass hangin out
    Eddie Guerrero's "I'm Your Papi" Tee
    4 Wrestlemania Football Jersey's from WM 25-28
  12. At the moment, Mark Henry's shirt.
  13. nWo
    nWo Wolfpac
    nexus 2 of them
    new nexus
    CM Punk (white mitb)
    austin (stunner inc & F#ck fear drink beer)
    Jericho highlight reel shirt
    Kevin nash Big daddy cool shit 2 of them
    miz hello im awesome shirt
    undertaker deadman inc
    eddie guerrero memorial shirt
    batista animal shirt
    hulkamaina shirt
    kane shirt(an old one from when he first lost the mask)
    the rest i dont have anymore i grew out of them
  14. You have a nice collection. :otunga:
  15. Why thank you kind sir it used to be bigger but ive gotten bigger have all my old ones too my younger cousins
    and got a hello im awsome shirt for my one year old little girl lol
  16. john cena's new shirt is for a good cause..
    i will love to have one.
  17. I dont own any. not sure I'd want to
  18. Just bought the HHH iron Wrath T the postage cost more than the shirt
  19. That sounds about right Ironman.