Wrestling shows with the best product at any point in time?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Nov 4, 2013.

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  1. I love going back and watching weekly shows/PPVs from different companies at different points in time. What would be some of the best shows to go back and watch?

    I've relived my childhood with 96/97 WCW, 97-2000 WWF. What else would be good?

    What years was ECW programming at its peak? I would guess 95/96.

    What years of TNA would be best to check out? I tried to watch from the start but the early weekly PPVs were pretty dry honestly. I hear 2005 is the best, I've watched some PPVs from that timeframe.

    Any other suggestions? I didn't really watch much WWE from 2002-2010, what year would be the best out of those?
  2. Was going to say 2001-2005 maybe if you haven't watched that period. Have you seen much of the "ruthless aggression" era at all? I only stop at 2006 because that's when Cena had his rise but there were some sick feuds after that (Jericho/HBK for example).
  3. Ruthless Agression is the period right after the AE right? No, I haven't seen much. I've gone through and watched most of the major PPVs from those years (RR, WM, Summerslam) and seen parts of feuds that had guys that interested me, but never gone through and watched full eps of Raw or seen the other PPVs.
  4. If you're willing to give ROH a try, check out the ROH vs CZW feud from around 2006-2007.
  5. I watched ROH when it popped up on DirecTV before I moved out. Around the time Steen starting chasing the title to around the time he dropped the title. From what i hear it was like the worst stretch of ROH history.

    Did ROH have weekly programming then or only more recently? If ROH had weekly shows back when their roster had Aries, Styles, Punk, Joe, ect I'd love to watch that.
  6. It was more like monthly DVDs. ROH's major issue has been having trouble adapting to the TV-format.
  7. Monthly DVDs sound dope. Are they relatively easy to come by?
  8. Differs from dvd to dvd. ROH sells them all on their site so Big papa Hoss should be able to find them. They also release collections like the AJ vs Punk feud/series (got that one), Punk vs Joe etc
  9. What about ECW? Anyone know if there is any chance I could find their weekly program from the time when they had raven, dreamer, funk, rvd, taz, ect on the roster?
  10. Try Dailymotion. They tend to be less strict on copyright laws, also desi/bollyRulez.
  11. Go back and watch NWA from 1986-1987 leading up to the first War Games match. It's a great product. Even the jobber matches are kind of fun, because you will see Arn Anderson or Tully Blanchard stiff the shit out of some punk.

    Even if Flair or Dusty don't wrestle every episode, they're always around cutting the best promos of their career. That whole Dusty vs The Four Horsemen feud is incredible. That time frame is when Magnum TA was on the rise. That dude was a motherfucking legend before his car accident. You'll never mark out so hard for a Belly to Belly suplex. Maybe when Shamrock does them actually. That shit is Magnum's finisher though.

    I saw this deal recently where some bodybuilder jobber was trying to stare Magnum down. He kept flexing and shit. The bell rang and it was immediately like BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! 1 - 2 - 3!! FUCK YOUR SHIT!

    Of course the first War Games is just ridiculous. It's a shoot that the Road Warriors broke JJ Dillon's collarbone with the Doomsday Device in that match.
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  12. What was the name of the weekly show at that point? I'll see what I can find. I do love reading/watching documentaries about the NWA in the 80s. Flair is in my personal top 3 favorites and Dusty is awesome as well.
  13. The weekly show at that time I believe was called World Championship Wrestling lol. I'm pretty sure that's what it was. That's where WCW began I suppose.
  14. You can go back and watch that old shit from that year, and there's a lot of similarities with the way they've done the booking recently in WWE. I know not everyone has seen this or would agree with me, but WWE has taken things back to an old school approach. It's incredibly evident with Daniel Bryan and the long term booking with his title run. They could have hot shotted the title onto him sure, but there's no money in that. The money is in getting us to watch PPV after PPV until he finally gets the big win over the main villain. Wrestling is at it's most profitable when they use that simple formula for the world title. Babyface chasing the heel, you want the audience to tune in next week in hopes of seeing Bryan finally overcome Orton and Triple H and now HBK.

    The best thing is when Bryan is left laying to end an episode of Raw, because the fans know he's got the fighting spirit and that next week he'll be back kneeing and kicking bad guys left and right.

    It's the same thing going back to 1986 NWA. The hottest shows were when the Horsemen would gang up on Dusty and beat his ass. You knew Dusty would come back next week with some LEGENDARY promo if nothing else. "Hard times, daddio."
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  15. What do you think, brother?

    January of 85 and he claims to have the entire year. 85 worth watching or should I start in 86?
  16. I'm not that familiar, but there's probably good stuff. I think the roster and everything is the same. Check it out and let me know if you dig it.
  17. It has Flair so that is enough for me to give it the old college try
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  18. Oh yeah. Flair gettin' balls deep in hella chicks with fluffy mullet haircuts.

  19. Classic Dusty.
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    2002 and 2003 WWE has some great stuff worth checking out.

    -Hogan/Rock had some classic stuff leading to Wrestlemania X-8 and seeing Hogan put over a heel Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar cleanly later in the year was great to watch.
    -Brock's monster push to winning the world title and having great matches with The Rock at Summerslam and the HIAC match with Undertaker at No Mercy.
    -The Billy and Chuck duo teasing being "gay" and the 'gay marriage' that resulted later in the year on Smackdown was entertaining.
    -Great matches between RVD and Eddie Guerrero/Chris Benoit (separate feuds) over the IC Title. The RVD/Benoit match at Summerslam is especially great because it also has the backdrop of the Raw/Smackdown brand wars since Benoit won the belt and then jumped to SD, leading to RVD challenging him to an inter-promotional title match at the PPV in an attempt to reclaim the title and bring it back to Raw. The RVD/Eddie ladder match for the belt on Raw is epic, too.
    -Booker T./Goldust pairing was funny.
    -Return of Shawn Michaels and the awesome HBK/HHH match at Summerslam.
    -The debut of Rey Mysterio and some great cruiserweight action within that division.

    -Brock/Kurt Angle feud
    -Brock superplexing Big Show and the ring collapsing as a result (an idea later reused at Vengeance 2011.)
    -Goldberg/Evolution feud was pretty good.
    -Kane's unmasking that led to his return as a monster and his feuds with RVD and Shane McMahon (the latter which was very awesome and made for some of Raw's best segments in 2003, IMO)
    -Vince McMahon's Mr. McMahon character was also at his most entertaining this year IMO. His stuff with Hogan, Zack Gowen, Brock, Linda, Stephanie, Undertaker, etc. It would be too long to type out in full but Vince was out of control on SD this year and it made for some of the best segments throughout the entire year.

    Both of these years get shit on by a lot of fans but it's mainly because it was the first couple of years to come out of the post-Attitude Era and a lot of people were simply butt hurt to see that era end (myself included at the time.) But both '02 and '03 are underrated and have tons of great stuff. They're two of my favorite years in WWE history.
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