Wrestling stiff - fan or not?

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    Hey Jim, how does my shin look?

    Wrestling stiff is probably more associated with Japanese puro or when a younger wrestler needs to be taught a lesson (Prime example is the Dudley Boyz vs La Resistancé in WWE when Resistancé were new). Stiff is basically for those who don't know to not pull your punches, but actually deliver real punches and kicks with full force. But there are some wrestlers who work stiff constantly. So here is my topic for the night. Are you a fan of wrestlers working stiff or not?

    Do you prefer wrestlers who wrestle more "traditional" style? Or do you prefer wrestler who deliver real shots to their opponents?

    Personally I have nothing against a safely worked stiff styles. Guys who know exactly how much force to put behind their blows instead of just swinging to the fences. This also means that the opponent is okay with him or her working stiff. Far too many times have people working stiff styles used it to "get ontop" of other talent because the other talent doesn't punch back. Low Ki is a fine example. He has knocked people out in the ring and developed an ego because of it. He is known now for no selling alot of his opponents moves and also refusing to put people over. Davey Richards until recently was another fine example.

    Do you like stiff wrestling?

    Do you think that stiff style has a place in wrestling?
  2. This thread looks familiar :hmm:
    EDIT: Ohhh i remeber it now http://wweforums.net/thread-22116.html
  3. I agree. A few guys working stiff (not for real, just stiffer than normal as you said) with opponents who are OK with it are nice to watch.
  4. I love stiff fuckers
  5. Now I love Wrestling when they actually deliver real shots but stiff wrestling makes it more entertaining.
  6. The stiffer the better.
  7. I love that style of wrestling, which is why the japanese are extremely entertaining to watch imo. It obviously holds a higher level of danger though, I couldn't imagine taking some of stiff kicks/punches/chops you see from those style of wrestlers.
  8. Agreed. Big fan of puro (Dragon Gate in particular) because they work a controlled stiff style really well. Guys like Shingo, Tozawa and BXB Hulk are great to watch
  9. Time to put mah view on it.
    I'm not a fan of stiff style or strong style. I just find it more of an art to make it appear that you're taking a guy's head off without hurting him. I find being a stiff worker as a sign of no regard for the other guy's safety or complete laziness.
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  10. Lol wuss ^

    I absolutely fucking love it. But you know that already, Stop.
  11. Hard to wrestle with a boner, but I enjoy it.:gusta:
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  12. :notsure:
  13. I love it.

    Cesaro vs Shibata, book that shit!
  14. I personally really enjoy stiff wrestling. A nice really stiff and brutal match can be as fun, if not more fun, than a 5* technical match.
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  15. I love it , KENTA matches got me hooked on that style and the puro as a whole I watched after that done that. To be fair to Richards he has put people over
  16. I love wrestling stiff. The crossarm breaker is the best. :gusta:
  17. Let's now make this thread about Katie Vick
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  18. Wrestling "stiff" has no place in wrestling. It's inherently more dangerous and not needed. Period.

    Now I'm stiff and need a cocktail.
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  19. Bunch of pansies.
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