WrestlingJesusYT tell the trust about Austin Aries who? Video!

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. :pipebomb:
  2. Doesn't this guy like Punk and Danielson? How the fuck can he not like A double, they're the same breed of wrestler. The dying breed who worked day and day out to be the best.
  3. Offtheropesshow>WrestlingJesusYT
  4. He hate Punk now and one Bryan get to the shot Punk at he will hate Brayn! B/c a year ago before punk push he like Punk. Now he said he too small but yet he like Brayn?!
  5. I wonder what will prevail. Dolph's markism over Aries or his markism over Jesus. Which wins? We'll see when he see's this thread.
  6. Wait he just Ashley tell the trust about A double?
  7. I can't understand that to be honest, how could someone hate Aries for being too small when he's a slightly more jacked version of Bryan. Both are operating at very similar standards IMO. You should shoot on him Randy.
  8. He's smaller in terms of height than Bryan. WrestlingJesus is retarded, we know that.
  9. He's a lot more jacked than Daniel now a days though, so I'm guessing it evens it's self out a bit.
  10. Here the thing WJ is a FUCKIN HOMEBCAURT! He said and then conteded it! When Bryan get into Punk Spot he start hate Byran then. Just like he now hate Punk.
  11. I don't like WrestlingJesus. I think he's just a hipster. there's something "off" about him too.
  12. Youtube junkies FTW.
  13. What's a "HOMEBCAURT"?
  14. hitbcrat!
  15. Hypocrite?
  16. What the hell's a hitbcrat?
  17. YES!
  18. He's illogical too. Who the fuck hates someone over their height? He must mark Giant Gonzales like a schoolgirl with pigtails.
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  19. I used to like WJ, but then I took an arrow to the knee started saying the same things about him that Crayo does with Dolph's.

    He loves to shit on mid-carders because they are mid-carders, and shit on main-eventers because they suck. The guy just cannot say anything positive. He can do an entertaining rant video, but that's all.

  20. :okay:
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