Wrestling's very own World Cup...

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  1. I've been thinking, what if WWE were to hold their own wrasslin' World Cup just like we had a World Cup in all of the other sports? Wrestlers could compete for points, and in the end each country's points are tallied up and the winning country gets to award a title shot for their best competitor, or something like that. For an inaugural competition, I'd say this would be a nice set of teams...

    Team USA:
    Dean Ambrose (US Champion)
    Jack Swagger
    Cody Rhodes

    Team Canada:
    Chris Jericho
    Tyson Kidd
    Santino Marella

    Team Mexico:
    Alberto Del Rio
    Sin Cara
    Sami Zayn

    Team Europe:
    Wade Barrett
    Antonio Cesaro
    Drew McIntyre

    Team Asia:
    Great Khali
    Jinder Mahal
    Yoshi Tatsu

    The Wyatt Family:
    Bray Wyatt
    Luke Harper
    Erick Rowan
  2. Zayn is Canadian
  3. I knew I screwed that up when I wrote it...
  4. santinos canadian? Wow ive been fooled surly im not the only one
  5. Team Asia's gonna suck balls big time. XD
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  6. I know! I spent 10 minutes literally scouring the WWE roster for anyone that could actually wrestle for Team Asia... Damn... xD
  7. Well, Zayn is biologically Syrian. If you count the middle east to the Asian continent there's one.
  8. Holy crap, you're right. There still is hope for Team Asia... :emoji_grin:
  9. Team europe needs regal.
  10. Lol'd at the Wyatt Family being a new country.
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  11. :smug: I'll always see them as a new country now.
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  12. I knew they were special :please:
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  13. Why is there not a United Kingdom one?
  14. Yeah I'd say make Team Britan=Drew McIntyre,Wade Barret,Adrian Nevile and Team Europe=Antonio Cesaro,Sheamus,and...well I can't think of third member.
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  15. I was more thinking, McIntyre, Barrett, Sheamus and Mason Ryan.
  16. But...Sheamus is Irish...WWE 12 already f'ed up by putting him in a team called "The United Kingdom"/
  17. If only THQ or whoever made the game had taken geography classes in school... :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. Or history class :emoji_slight_frown:

    Oh you silly THQ:pity1:

    rip in peace
  19. Would rather have Christian in Team Canada.
  20. He could replace Santino who isn't Candian in kayfabe
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