Write slogans for other users

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Stopspot, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. Quite simple. Write slogans for other users.

    Example: "Xanth, real men wear kilts."

  2. "I'm not gay, but there are thousands of men I would turn for" -Crayo
  3. DAMN - Farooq

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  4. "I kissed a guy but don't get the wrong idea." - Crayo.
  5. Arent these more like quotes than slogans O_O ..
  6. Mine is a slogan, don't get it twisted just because I put it in quotations.

    He's never said what I wrote, he's only said "I'd turn for ::insert man here::" a billion times.

    Yours is more of a quote than mine is. So sit down junior.
  7. ''I'm gay for CM Punk.'' -Randy Savage
  8. Mine's a quote however it can work as a slogan. :true:
  9. "Lock up your daughters...Seriously lock up your daughters." -Big Hoss Rambler
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  10. Anything over 4 inches is ugly anyway - Dolph'sZiggler
  11. 4 inches is fine, it's all about girth baby.

  12. :true:
  13. 4 inches is fine, it's all about girth baby. - Dolph'sZiggler
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  14. Make me someeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... :emoji_kissing_heart:***

    "Jose Tortilla - You'll Fap Everytime I Post!"

    That sig made WF blocked in my college internet. :///
  15. "If it ain't Ziggler, it ain't a winner." -Dolph'sZiggler
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