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  1. Congratulations!! You have been hired as the new story writer of wwe raw . In such a situation what will you write about the future of D Bry and AJ and the rock if you're asked to write a storyline linking these three characters
  2. Tyson Kidd becomes the first wrestler in WWE history to capture every championship at the same time.
  3. Alex riley Feud with miz for IC title!1
  4. lol
  5. I'm pretty sure :bury: already did that.

  6. Next Tuesday, on Smackdown, Colt Cabana (ROH, indies) and Kenny King (TNA) come out through the crowd during a random Sin Cara v. Jack Swagger match...commentators are shocked....they assault both Cara and Swagger then get in Cole and Booker's face and walk back out through the crowd smiling...

    The next week on RAW, Santino is announced to have a mystery opponent for the U.S. Title....the crowd gazes at the titantron in anticipation, but no one comes out....King and Cabana then come through the crowd again and attack Santino and leave him lying when Wade Barrett comes out and makes his return...he gives a weakened Santino a "Wasteland" and pins him for the U.S. Title victory.

    At Summerslam during the Triple Threat match for the WWE title, towards the finish of the match, Cena ducks a "Weapon of Mass Destruction" punch from Big Show and it grazes the ref's head, knocking him down and out....Cena then "AA"'s Show...all of this while Punk is recovering on the other side of the ring from previous moves in the match...After the "AA" Cena does his usual spots to Punk; two shoulderblocks and the backdrop...but then when he gets ready to do "U Can't C Me", Barrett, Cabana and King come out of the crowd and surround the ring....they circle the ring then jump in when Ryback's music hits.....Ryback comes dashing out to the ring, seemingly to save Cena, and Barrett, Cabana and King hop out of the ring...Ryback then turns around and clotheslines Cena, picks him up and gives him the "Shell Shocked". He drapes Punk's arm over Cena, wakes the ref, and gets the 1....2....3 to retain the WWE Title.

    After the match, Ryback, Barrett, Cabana and King assault Show and Cena for a few minutes while Punk goes under the ring for something....he comes back up with a can of spray paint and sprays "NWO" on Cena and Show's back as Summerslam goes off the air.
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  7. Holy shit that sounds quite awesome.
  8. that is awesome :emoji_grin: i like the post!!!
  9. Ryback eats Jinder "Kinder" Mahal.
  10. Rock vs A-Ry!
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