Write your DREAM storyline for a " C M Punk vs Undertaker" match at WM 29

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  1. What would you do............How'd u write an epic storyline an dbuild up for a historic punk vs undertaker match at WM 29.................how'd u have punk talk ....................or taker behave to punk's poking...........and all .........write it down in this thread
  2. EDIT: Fuck all that typing lol. I've changed my mind to a much simpler idea - just have Punk rant about how after such a long title reign and creating such a legacy for himself since his first 'pipebomb' over a year and a half ago, it isn't right that he isn't main eventing Wrestlemania or that he'll most likely end up stuck in an undercard match. He says come hell or high water, he'll make an impact at Wrestlemania, he just doesn't know how yet.

    Later on in the night, Undertaker comes out since it's old school Raw and everything. and before he can speak (if he even expresses an interest in speaking or just standing there with the lights off), Punk's music hits and he confronts Undertaker and asks him after he had such a hellacious match the last two years, if he still has it in him to defend the streak one more time because Punk is interested in creating the most memorable moment in Wrestlemania history and perhaps WWE history as a whole by ending the greatest streak the sport has ever seen. Taker accepts, yada yada yada, etc.
  3. "So, don't you people enjoy how I've been blocked out of the title picture? You're enjoying seeing CM Punk get knocked down a few pegs... Well, the jokes on you. You guys enjoy seeing Rock and Cena wrestle twice in a lifetime (Punk would go there), instead of being able to cheer on your beloved champion for 450 straight days in the Main Event. But don't fret, WWE universe, being locked out of the title picture doesn't bother me, not one bit. Because I'm going after something bigger than the WWE Championship. That... is the Undertaker's Streak. 20 years in a row people have tried to take out Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Diesel. Kane. Edge. Randy Orton. Shawn Michaels. Even Triple H. And all 20 years people have failed. But there's a difference between them and I, they're mere mortals, where as I, I'm the best wrestler in the wooooorrrrrrrllllllldddddd. I'm the best, you know it, I know it, all 20 opponents who fell to the Undertaker know it, and even Undertaker himself quakes in fear of CM Punk. In this world that you inhabit, I am God, and I'm going to smite down the Deadman at Wrestlemania."

    Boom. Done. Simple.
  4. I don't think they would let Punk go there with the "Twice in a lifetime" line, they are doing everything they can to try to convince people that it will be a good feud, so they won't let Punk ruin it for them, although I'd mark if he actually does it.
  5. Too simple. It has to be much more complex to make sure the "Universe" roots for the right guy (in this case, the Undertaker).

    Personally, I think you have to let Punk go to town and pull out all the stops. Only the biggest heel in WWE history could beat Taker at Mania, so, you have to let Punk bcome the biggest heel in WWE history to create any sense that Undertaker could lose at Mania.

    Of course, I'm also the guy that thinks Punk should actually win. Cue the smarks going: "No way would WWE let Taker lose at Mania! What a Punk mark!!" I'm just hoping WWE tells an interesting story...

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  6. They just did it as usual, except it was a Fatal 4 Way instead of a tag team match and Vickie Guerrero instead of Teddy Long.
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