Writing for Royal Rumble build up (my idea)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Dec 15, 2015.

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  1. So one month and a half until Wrestlemania season, WWE shocked us with Reign's title win (which was appropriate since it was in Philly where he was booed last year). Now what? Not just Roman's storyline past this what about everything else? Well, as Adam from What Culture would say, "Here's what I can propose"

    Roman Reigns/Sheamus feud continues until first Raw of 2016
    Roman continues his feud with Sheamus and a rematch is set for the first Raw of 2016, Vince decides to make it a special stipulation. I want 3 stages of hell (steel cage/submission/First Blood*), but they can do just a cage match or falls count anywhere. Reigns wins when the League plus New Day try to help but Ambrose, Swagger, Usos and Owens (see below) come in for the save. Reigns will take on Bray at Rumble (see below)

    Owens goes face, feuds with Barrett to push him
    This was an interesting idea, after Owen's rematch with Ambrose the League will lay waste to Dean, then Roman and Swagger go for the save (we are gonna say Ryback is doing something else), shocking as it sounds, Owens turns face and helps fend them off. Owens then picks on Wade calling him garbage in the WWE and mocks his no show at TLC. This enrages Barrett into scenes with backstage beat downs and promos of him pissed that he's not going anywhere with his career. The League helps him a bit too, Barrett reverts the BNB again after deciding the KOTR is shit. Wade will go over in fact, and Owens will pursue Brock Lesnar. This happens when Owens elminates him in the Rumble match, then Owens gets eliminated thanks to Brock and an insane fight happens, prompting the match. Wade continues to stay hot.

    Jack Swagger/Del Rio feud continue as Swagger tries to reconcile with Zeb
    To build Swagger up, he tries to get Colter to be on his side to help him take the US title from Del Rio, but Colter refuses because he loses faith in Swagger, why? Well here is where I believe WWE should bring in real life shit to make the US title seem more with these guys, Swagger brings up the Weed incident from 2013 and says that's when Zeb stopped caring about Swagger. Swagger says he really betrayed his nation by that arrest and that upset Zeb thus making Del Rio win in the feud for the World title 3 years back. Swagger says he's ready to change and he wants to reconcile with Zeb to bring the US title back to his country. Del Rio still mocks Swagger over this and his failure, Zeb soon reunites with Swagger and Swagger will win the title.

    Wyatts work with Triple H
    Triple H enlists in the Wyatts to do his dirty work, they beat down faces and Triple H begins a darker persona. This is how Roman/Bray builds. Not sure what happens to Wyatt's after though.

    Brock Lesnar vs. Kevin Owens at Mania
    starts when Brock and Owens enter rumble and eliminate each other, Owens makes fun of Brock for being a part timer and not fighting everyday like him. This makes the WM32 match, which would be fucking awesome.

    Daniel Bryan gets cleared and wins the Rumble, Reigns vs. Bryan at WM32
    Bryan makes a shocking return at the Rumble and wins, he will face Reigns at mania, Reigns still runs hot and will hopefully continue to improve his ring and make an insane match with Bryan in the main event. But WWE needs to give him the green light for this to happen.

    Other stuff i'm working on too, like Ryback, New Day, Rusev, Dudleys, Neville, and Stadust who I want to revert to Cody Rhodes again. I think this is a great way to plan shit out

    *First Blood match is a risk that McMahon will make in kayfabe when he says he still has the grapefruits to put on a violent match that the older crowd can still enjoy and say the company is still good.
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