WTF are they doing to Ryback?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Nov 13, 2013.

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  1. WTF are they doing to Ryback? Paul Heyman buries Ryback in that promo then Ryback loses to R Truth seriously what is this shit? Ryback was at the top last year and now end of this year hes jobbing to the likes of R Truth he must of seriously pissed off Vince to get treated in this way. Ryback should be main eventing and be WWE champion he has everything in a wrestler to be the top guy. Poor Ryback not only does he have a lonley life from me seeing him in person eating alone but hes getting treated bad in WWE now with this status. It wouldnt surprise me if he got released by next year
  2. The Hoff hasn't the slightest clue. The Hoff was truly, truly surprised to see Heyman already dumping Ryback. Maybe make him go on this absurdly long losing streak, and then at WM, have him face GOOOOOOOOLDBERG, and g over him there :pity2:
  3. Well, it was interesting to see Heyman dumping Ryback and him jobbing to Truth (not as in it was a joy for me, it made me curious). It feels like they're either dropping the ball with the guy or perphaps it'll lead to a good storyline with the guy.
  4. The Hoff was also surprised to see R Truth go over Ryback, I reallllllly was not expecting that.
  5. Hopefully burying him somewhere far, far underground. Never to be heard from again.
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  6. For sure. When I started paying attention it really did feel like Ryback was just beating him nonstop looking way to strong and the thought of Truth winning crossed my mind but I figured it was really not going to happen indeed, was a nice surprise. Hopefully this doesn't lead to a Truth/Ryback mini feud.
  7. Ryback has everything he needs to be at the top?

  8. Ryback mark? :gtfo:
  9. Referring to the OP.
  10. regardless :gtfo::gtfo::gtfo:
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  11. It's easy....Ryback isn't a good enough guy to be a main event star.....He did use to have it but now.....Hahaha.
    Anyway, Nice to see him jobbing to someone better like Truth.....

    Also, I'm going to Nickname you TMZ from now on.....I find it to be fitting with all the snooping on people's personal lives your doing.
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  12. Heyman bad mouthing him can only lead to a face turn.
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  13. NOOOOOOOOOO not a face turn for Cryback. He would be even MORE so boring, and lame
  14. Forrest I dont snoop on wrestlers lives I work in the hotel they stayed at in Manchester on Monday, Tuesday and saw them all have breakfast in the restaurant
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  15. Big E>>>>>>>>>Ryback

    Says it all.
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  16. Big E is the shit. He has all the charisma that Ryback doesn't have. He cuts a mean promo.
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  17. Ryback >>> Big E Langston
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  18. Hey I dig both of them for different reasons.

    One thing they share is that they hit hard!! Ryback vs Langston would be a money PPV match. Two big monstrous dudes kicking the shit out of each other. The shit this business was built on.
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  19. Bury him, HHH :emoji_slight_smile:
  20. Ryback losing to R Truth was not right. Ryback beat R Truth when he did that beat the clock challenge how the hell is Ryback gonna recover now
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