WTF?????? CENA????????

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Now I know that Crayo will probably close this, but I was sick since last night and I wasn't able to watch RAW, Hell I wasn't even able to go to my exam in the university (hope professor agrees to make a make up exam :sad:)

    Anyway, I heard about a lot of things that happened at RAW, Big E debuting, Flair returning, but the only thing that got me out of my mind was.... :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:

    CENA WINNING THE SUPERSTAR OF THE YEAR AWARD?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I mean WTF?????????????????



    Are you Kidding me?

    This is too much, too f**ken much WWE, and they are trying to tell us that the polls aren't ripped???

    What did Cena do? What the hell did he do to deserve it?

    Just STUPID!
  2. LOL forgot bout that what with Cena blowong DZ's cash in. Yep that was annoying as well!
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