WTF have been to :MachoMan:

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  1. [size=x-large]WTF have been to :MachoMan: Crayo give back my :MachoMan: Smiles! [/size]​

  2. He's gone. Crew did some spring cleaning among the smilies. U mad? :troll:
  3. He erased a ton of them and now won't add the new ones either. :bury: HE TRULY DOES SUCK!

    There's no Teddy, Swagger and bunch of other smiley. #Crayo'sReignOfHorror
  4. WHAT FUCK DID YOU DO THAT? That was the best 1?
  5. It's gone, no use complaining.
  6. I also am displeased with a lot of their smiley deletions.

    They are incompetent on this front. How Swagger shocked face was deleted is a fucking ongoing mystery
  7. Do you know how long I ask for that and then you guys go and detle on me? WTF?
  8. Doesn't matter it was deemed LQ and or barely used find a more HQ image and it may be re-added.
  9. :charlie:
  10. Swagger was used all the time. BRING BACK SWAGGER

  11. Narrator voice: The relationship between Randy and the staff continues to deteriorate. Pretty soon thoughts of rebellion will spawn in young Randys head. Leadgin to bloody conflict.


    Need more Swaggie time.
  12. I USE IT ALL THE TIME! And ownly babyface now how to do it! And it to me along to just get him to make it! WTF?! :upset: THIS BS!
  13. Leo C can also make them I believe, it wasn't used enough. One user isn't enough.
  14. It was only ever used because it was in the smiley box. By you.

    By you.

    The smiley was so LQ.
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  16. Crayo won't be adding smilies just for one person to use. You can use the [​IMG]
  17. the masses want Swagger.


    People Power
  18. I'm with Dolph's. I used the Swagger one quite often. Do we have to turn this into a new Syria?
  19. If only there was enough smilies
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