WTF is going on with Kane?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. WTF is going on with Kane?
    Him being in this management position hes not allowed to attack wrestlers yet he goes against this and even Steph/HHH have told him about this and he still goes against this WTF is going on?
  2. It's called Kayfabe.

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  3. The question should be: What the fuck is going on in your head?
    How do you not understand kayfabe?
  4. zzzzzz... *snore, snort* huh, wha? *rubs eyes* Oh, right, Kane. Sorry, just thinking about Corporate Kane put me to sleep.

    (There's nothing wrong with in-kayfabe threads, it's the fun of being a wrestling fan.)
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  5. He looks cool in a suit. So it's not all bad.

  6. I miss this Kane.
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  7. He's getting towards Big Show territory for me, where I appreciate his history and such but I just do not want to see him in any important segments or stories whatsoever. He's mildly entertaining in his corporate character compared to his terribly staled monster character, but regardless of that he's still relatively boring to watch at this moment in time.
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  8. He is buried, plain and simple. They give him a moment or two every 3-4 months or so where he looks badass and then he goes back to getting straight up worked. His deal with the Wyatts was horrible for both, and in his corporate Kane angle (which could have been cool - but do you need him in a wifebeater?) is him vs Brad Maddox, while other stars and fans shit on him - hard - and Who is he going to face after that helps him out? No one, that's who.

    People say Jericho jobs - i see him putting stars over - the only thing Kane is doing is moving his retirement sooner than later. Maybe after WM he can Chokeslam Orton and feud with him, although He vs HHH in a raw where he gets buried and written off until Survivor Series would work well...but I expect him to just disappear for a month after wm MAX before returning as the big red machine with no explanation.
  9. you better bookmark that link for every time you reply in a BLFFL thread, and 90% of her posts in others.
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  10. Someone had to play Hunico
  11. My pizza has not arrived, WTF is going on? Damn Kane.
  12. I dunno, I for one enjoyed his transformation from the Big Red Machine into the Corporate Kane. He had been doing the whole "masked monster" stuff for exactly 16 years, so he was stale as shit and needed a change. Of course, this current role is gonna get stale even quicker (in fact, it's already started to) but it's still a fresher take on the Kane character than continuing to be the Big Red Monster would have been.

    Of course, it's obvious where all of this is going - he'll be talked down to by HHH and Stephanie and treated as their stooge more so than he already is, at which point he'll get fed up and eventually shed the suit and tie and probably choke slam everybody (Orton, HHH, etc.) And this change back to the old Kane will likely be accompanied by no heat. If there's at least some sort of respectful moment between he and Bryan at the end of it (as a callback to their friendship/partnership from before), then that'll at least be something.
  13. Couldn't it have been Hunico? :why:
  14. My neck hurts, dammit Kane.
  15. AHH! I stubbed my toe! DAMMIT KANE!!!
  16. That moment just was fucking epic. WWE have ruined Kane's character
  17. I think Kane has been misused for a long time. The last time he was mildly amusing was when he was beating the crap out of Cena and had that weird black mask on when he came out. Other than that, Kane has sucked for quite some time. Mainly WWE's fault.
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