Wtf is up with my eyes.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. Went to bed early yesterday to avoid a second headache (had a massive migraine after UFC 148) but it hasn't really done anything. My head feels better but my eyes still feel weird. It can't focus on things. I can type fine since I touch type anyway (look at screen whilst typing) but I have to re-focus to actually read what I'm typing.

    For threads and things it takes me a second to focus so I can read wtf the OP says. Now I don't feel ill, my head just feels empty (inb4 no brain joke) and my eyes feel weird.

  2. Take a beer and go to sleep again. And avoid internet for awhile (5-8 hrs).
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  3. Sounds like at least one of your eyes are overworking itself. Straining itself. You need glasses boy, I have the same thing. I see perfectly without glasses but go too long without them on a bad day and I am the king of headaches.
  4. Got no beer here. No medication either which sucks and have slept since 10pm yesterday, skipped gym to lie in bed till 12.

    Edit: Only happened since this headache Stopspot, had an eye test a month ago. My vision is more than fine :S.
  5. Ah, that England...
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  6. just wait it out until tomorrow and if it still there see doctor!!!!
  7. Tell me about it. All I have here is crumpets and tea.
  8. that can happen in a months time. It did for me.


    implying that America actually has good beer.
  9. Not my eyes. I get tested every 3 months as the Doctors are begging for an excuse to explain my consistent migraine suffering. Suffered with them since I was about 6. My eyes are fine.
  10. An overstressed eye is in effect not the eyes itself but synapses between eye and brain. The brain is forcing the eye to work overtime.
  11. I know, I've been told that several times by different doctors, and they all say it's PC/TV that's causing it, but then they never have an answer to why I get migraines randomly even when I've not been over stressing the eye at all. I had to go on a trial with these glasses which you wear when reading, on the PC and watching TV. Made no difference.
  12. Brain tumor
  13. :kiss:

    But seriously hope you get better. I know how it is to have random headaches since I suffered from it quite a while until I got my glasses.
  14. Appreciate it. It's not painful atm it's just annoying. Blurry and weird. Sucks as I got a ton of stuff to sort out. OH WELL.
  15. if you still have those reading specs maybe put them on for a while and see it they help.
  16. Hm, I don't like the tone of this, tbh...
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  17. :shock:
  18. Go to Estonia, eat a watermelon and drink appletini and you're welcome.
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  19. Go to hell Testify.
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