WTF now WWE buries CM Punk in his hometown

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 24, 2013.

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  1. WTF now WWE buries CM Punk in his hometown by having Ryback put CM Punk through a table that was off the stage. This isnt how you treat a hometown guy. Also I would like to note Ryback was careless and didnt protect CM Punk going through the table he took a nasty bump and the wwe website reports he got injured by that spot. Ryback is reckless and needs tgo go back to development and learn how to perform moves safer
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  2. Yeah cause CM Punk is so "buried" :pity1:

    Edit: Will you make your fucking mind up about Ryback? Every fucking show its you love him then you hate him etc.
  3. know whats better than wasting your time talking with BLFFL?

    watch this Zeppelin concert from 1970. Take a bong rip first, its fucking awesome
    bonham's 10 minute drum solo is fucking killer

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  4. Now the question is, legit injured or kayfabe injured, and taking bets on if the OP genuinely knows the difference.
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  5. We should bury you next
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  6. After that spot at NOC you saw blood coming from his back, so my bet is maybe a little real injured. As for the bet, probably not.
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  7. It's not burying CM Punk. It seems like you lack basic knowledge of wrestling terms, but it's all good because you support one wrestler then hate him next week.

    It's a way to get Paul Haymen, Curtis Axel and Ryback heat. How can CM Punk take out Ryback and Curtis Axel by himself? If he did do that, that would be devaluing Ryback and Curtis Axel from nice decent stars into nothing more than a bunch of weak wrestlers that can't handle CM Punk.
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  8. CM Punk has legions of fans, Amy. Punk won't be buried even if WWE tried.
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  9. pwmania

    AHHH WWE I HATE YOU! YOU BURY EVERYONE IN THEIR HOMETOWNS AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! :why: Oooh, go back to Night of Champions 2011, when Kelly Kelly proved she was the greatest by beating Beth Phoenix even though the only reason it happened was so Beth didn't get a pop that would echo Superman saving children in her hometown.

    Please. Someone. Give me one day in her mind. I'm dying to know what's actually going on in there.

    :yay: Thanks! :win:
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  10. Do you not know what the term "buried" means?... Being "buried" means someone is being punished by loosing consistently in squash matches and WWE has no future plans for them regardless if they're popular or not... They're building a storyline with Punk & Heyman, so explain, how was CM Punk buried last night?

    If someone get's beat down in WWE, that doesn't mean they were buried.. According to you, RVD was buried last night as well, right?
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  11. Was a good move to get the heels over. In this case, Ryback. This is a complete filler feud and they need to make it seem interesting.
  12. Hope they make a DVD just out of this feud just so we can loan it to people who question why we like Punk or Heyman. These two are so amazing that we're able to look past a top guy feuding with a bunch of idiots and just enjoy the segments. Takes special talent to do something like this.
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  13. :obama: I knew about the lingering injuries from the past, but at least it sounds like those he sold last night were just kayfabe then. Which takes care of that part of the original post.

  14. [​IMG]
  15. Who the hell scripted CM Punk to be put through a table in his hometown thats just fucked up. Also the poor guy got his back cut badly from going through a table at NOC. CM Punk shouldnt of been anywhere near a table after that

  16. Bonham is a genius.

    I must say that I was sincerely worried when I registered here and saw this mongoloid's thread. Babyfaces get their ass kicked in their hometown except for rare occasions.

    Also, the term "buried" gets thrown around way too often by morons who don't understand the first thing about wrestling or what being buried is. It's the new buzzword for complete dipshits such as our friend above.

    On the topic of Led Zeppelin, my first concert when I was 8 years old was Robert Plant. I saw Jimmy Page later that year. I wish I was old enough to have seen Zep with Bonham. I've seen Plant solo twice, and I did see Page and Plant together in 94. So to come into this moron's thread and see your brilliant post about bonghits and Zeppelin, it's very endearing.

    I wish I had a bong rip right now. Are there more idiots around here we can ignore and mess with? This is fun.
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  17. 90% of threads here nowadays are from this asshat. Us smart people have realized we should hide in our subforums and have intelligent conversation in there.

    But hey, you get plenty of chances to mess with her! :win:
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  18. Oh it's a her? lol that's a fly in the ointment. Where are these sub-forums that the cool kids hang out at?
  19. Every single one of BLFFL's threads have the first sentence the same as the title. And, ya know, the same irrelevant crap.