WTF was that ending?

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  1. WTF was that ending? Big Show knocked out both Daniel and Randy and nobody won the title wow just wow. Raw will be interesting tonight then
  2. Daniel Bryan puts Randy Orton in the LeBell lock
    Big Show comes out and knocks out the ref and Daniel Bryan
    Big Show then knocks out the second ref and Randy Orton

    The ending needed to be improved but it does leave us all wondering, which is indeed best for business.
  3. I don't see the issue with the ending. I can understand being pissed if you paid $50 or however much for this shitty PPV, but then you should know there's always the chance of the main event ending in a countout/DQ/no contest/etc. If it was a Wrestlemania main event, I could sympathize more, but on a B-PPV? (The funny thing is that most people who are complaining about the ending streamed the entire PPV for free anyway.)

    I'm OK with the way it ended because deciding a new champion in a Hell In A Cell match seems significantly more important than just deciding one in a random match at Battleground. Also because making us wait a little longer to crown a new champion (six weeks instead of three) makes it feel more important when we finally do have one again. It's a better set up for the HIAC match than just either Orton or Bryan demanding a rematch and that being all there is to it.

    Plus, if Orton is walking out of HIAC as champion, then it means Bryan only has to take one loss to Orton instead of two in a row since Battleground ended in a no contest. Bryan will most likely win the title though and I suspect Big Show will be included to make it a triple threat match inside the cell, which should shake it up a bit.

  4. lol i knew it would end in a no contact! It was so pickdable this ppv was a throw away ppv! though idk how it would have been so idk not know about the big show but i knew it would be no contact that going to lead this into hell in the cell ppv, in a hell in a cell match!
  5. Not really. What's best for business? Show winning the title. Tweener run chasing the WWE title and losing to Bryan over and over again

  6. Show winning the title isn't what's best for business at all.
  7. But that's what he'll say. That's what a tweener would say after saying "we must put an end to The Corporation, but..."

  8. Kayfabe it is, it gets more people watching RAW to find out what the hell happened at Battleground.
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