News WWE’s Valentine’s cards are as dumb as the real thing, except for one

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It’s Feb. 14, which means most brands are rolling out romance-themed #content for us to consume.

A particular favorite are the cheesy “Will you be my Valentine?”-type notes that elementary school kids exchange (or at least used to... I am an old). You know the ones. You buy them at the grocery store or pharmacy chain. They incorporate a company’s IP with puns about love. Some are cute. Some are so bad that even 8 year olds groan when they read them.

WWE is definitely in on it. They released this year’s batch, and they’re mostly real dumb.

Even when they’re cute.

Or borderline inappropriate.

But one is flat-out genius.

R-Truth will always be the 48/7 European TV champ of our hearts.

Check out the whole gallery here. You should go there for the Otis one, which is also good. Not Ron Killings good. But good.

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