WWE 12 (Commentary)

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  1. DT-bomb123 vs a user called Spin-Jeroony.

    In a table match enjoy
  2. Your move-set is all finishers?
  3. Not really as:otunga: bearly uses it.

    and other moves are mostly sigs and powerful moves
  4. Exactly.

    That's why CAWs annoy me because people can't create a proper moveset.
  5. i'm fair player though.Noobs use fins as regular moves.
    Such as spear,gore,f5,AA,People's elbow,rock bottom etc.

    Far worse
  6. I have a pretty good move-set: Scoop slam, military press drop, sidewalk slam, ddt, sit out gourdbuster. Top rope: Cross body, dropkick, leg drop and body press. Punches, kicks, dropkicks, clotheslines. Sig: Spinebuster and Flapjack. Fin: Sitout powerbomb and Rising Sun (kick in the gut, followed by pulling your opponent down while you take a back bump, which leads to your opponent having his face slammed on the knees.)

    Pretty good imo.
  7. Side effect,T bone suplex,TB drop kick,bulldog TB, Sitout powerbomb,stomps,zigger elbow drop,clothesline,full nesson slam,

    Sig-Gore,orton stomps.
    Fin F5-2 i had this fin 2 years.Been using it for over 2 years before lenser came back.
    surf board stretch
  8. 4 a noobs moveset it be anything noobish and 100 overall
  9. Lol yeah, mine is 88 or 89. Are you the one talking in the vids?
  10. I use a 94 overall and no it's a guy i no.
    What do you think of his ability anyways?
  11. Really hope wwe 13 will end thq.As i hate there product lol
  12. Abilities are good, I really was curious where the accent comes from.
  13. You sure do plug your videos a lot...
  14. My guy's signature and finisher is boss. Always changing it though.
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